What My Paws Are Diggin' - Personal

It's a New Year and that means resolutions to be a better person, get in shape, lose weight, etc. Because of that, I wanted this installment of What My Paws Are Diggin' to be a little more personal and focus on us 2-leggers. This time, I'm going to share with you some things that I personally use and love and they have helped me move down a path of health and happiness. Hopefully, you might discover something that will help you reach your 2013 goals!

1) Mumford & Sons: Ok, so maybe this one won't make you lose weight or get healthy but I promise it will make you happy! I just love Mumford & Sons! Their music is amazing and I'm obsessed with watching them perform (do a search on YouTube!). They are stellar songwriters and musicians and I finally get to see them in concert this Valentine's Day! Yay!!! Happy, happy, happy! :)

2) Bio Ionic StyleWinder: I have a ton of people ask me what I use to curl my hair with. I was introduced to this curling iron a couple years ago and now I use it ALL the time! It's unique in that you turn the barrel with your fingers - kind of. It's hard to explain but trust me, it works, it's super easy, it gives you "beachy" waves, and they last! I highly recommend this if you are trying to save time but still want a finished look to your do!

3) Hurom Juicer: I've always loved to juice fruits and veggies but this juicer has taken it to another level for me. It's a slow juicer which extracts more juice from your produce and results in a higher quality juice with less foam and oxidation. If you want to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet, this is the way to go! Lately, I've been starting my mornings with a pineapple/apple juice and I promise, it's like liquid sunshine! And you know what they say - you are what you eat (and in this case, drink). I know I'd really like to be a ray of sunshine!

If you don't know anything about juicing or it's benefits, check out a juicing class at your local Williams-Sonoma or watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (it's available on Netflix).

4) P90X: So this is for the whole get-in-shape thing. Honestly, last year I was completely slack in this department so I'm stepping it up this year. I've done a cycle of P90X in the past so I know it works! It had me doing push-ups all over the place and probably in the best shape I've been in since high school. I started again at the beginning of the year and, while I currently can barely move because I'm so sore, I know I'll see changes very soon!

5) Vitamix Blender: This is the newest collection to the things I love. I've wanted a Vitamix for years and years but it was never in the budget. When my ghetto blender broke about a month ago, I finally bit the bullet and went for the Vitamix. OMG! I should not have waited so long!!! This thing is amazing and makes awesome smoothies, banana ice cream, homemade dressings and so much more! It is such a wonderful tool to have for a vegan, raw-foodist, or anyone that wants to make healthy meals at home!

6) Bean Vegan Cuisine: As many of you know, I have been a vegan for over 7 years now. While I never push my diet on others, I always try to help out if someone has questions and is thinking about going down the same path. One question that I always get is, "what DO you eat?" Well, trust me, there are plenty of things to eat but I'm also very excited that a new vegan restaurant has opened up in Charlotte. It might not be super-healthy and they even describe their food as comfort foods, but it is a great place to try out some delicious cruelty- and animal-free options. My personal favorite is the jalapeño/cheddar burger (my mouth is watering right now)! Even my meat-loving husband has turned away from chicken with the help of their buffalo fingers. Oh, and their Kitty-Kat Cake is unbelievable!!! Even if you aren't following a vegan diet, you should check it out!

To learn more about a vegan diet, check out Forks Over Knives. It's available on Netflix too!