Tibetan Terrier

Jenna and Gunnar

Whew!!!! I'm about out of breath just looking at the images of these two playful pups! Seriously! Jenna and Gunnar's mom warned me that this pair was full of energy and that they LOVED to play and chase each other. Right away I could see that she was spot on. These 2, 6-month-old Tibetan Terriers made me work for every shot I got. They were a crack up with tons of energy to spare!!!

Now don't let this first image fool you! No! This was after about an hour-and-a-half of playtime. I'll first introduce you to the calm side of Jenna (the white and sable lady) and Gunnar (the black and white boy)... :)

And it's on!!!Is Gunnar still back there chasing me? He better be!!!Melt my heart!!! Oh My Dog! These puppies are sooooo cute!!!!After quite a bit of playtime, the pups "settled down" long enough to do some posing. Tibetan Terriers are known to be a little stubborn so I had to be quick before I lost their attention!  Finally break time!!Gunnar certainly seemed to be the most adventurous and bold of the pair. He was the first to make a getaway out of the yard and down toward the lakefront.Of course Jenna had to follow!The grass was way more interesting than me! Hahaha! Fuzzy cuteness overload!!!I hope you enjoyed this pair's sneak peek! I'm off to go steal them now... ;)