I just love it when a dog full of personality and spunk comes into the studio! Meet my latest playful pal, Charlie. I have to start this post with one of my favorite images...a profile shot of his amazing beard... Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlie needed a little time to warm up to the flashes, but he quickly realized he could get treats for his good modeling skills. :)Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerDog Portraits in StudioHis adorable head tilt...Miniature Schnauzer in studioAfter some serious shots, it was time to pull out his favorite toys! This one is named Beethoven. It's way bigger than Charlie but he still manages to fling it around like it weighs nothing!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyHis other favorite toy is his hedgehog...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyThis one is a little more nimble. Haha!North Carolina Pet PortraitsAnd then there is the random shoe sitting around. Charlie took full advantage of the no-shoes-on-the-backdrop rule.Studio Pet PicturesMan, he is one handsome fellow!Fun dogs in studioSometimes Charlie loves on his toys too. Best buds...Modern Images for Posh Pets I can't wait to see all of Charlie's artwork come in! He's going to have his own special wall above the couch, but's a gift for his dad. :)

Cosmo - Studio Session

Welcome to Part II of Cosmo's session! A few weeks ago, Cosmo did her thing for me during her on-location session. Her next step in the spotlight? Well, a studio session of course!

In front of the flashes, she blew me away again! All it took was a little bribing with treats and she began to give me her signature looks. The big lights didn't even phase her. Yeah, she's ready for stardom...

Chihuahua Studio PortraitModern Pet Studio PhotographyOne of my favorites on the left...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyOh and this one too. She just so cute and innocent looking!Contemporary Dog Portraits in North CarolinaCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerI need to get Cosmo's paw-tograph before she leaves us to start her career in New York or LA. ;) It won't be long now...

Rookie + Lola - Studio Session

Rookie and Lola have been in front of my camera before so I was beyond thrilled when they signed up for a studio session with me. These two are FULL of personality and have the squishiest and most kissable faces. I wanna squeeze their checks like a grandma would!!!Charlotte NC Pet Studio PhotographyRookie is a little ball motivated. Too bad he's not coordinated enough to catch them. ;)North Carolina Pet Studio PhotographerThis is the face Lola made when Rookie actually caught one!Charlotte NC Pet Studio PhotographerThis duo is bad to the bone...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerModern Pet Studio PortraitsCharlotte NC Dog Studio PhotographerI hope you enjoyed this little peek of these crazy kids!

Tucker - Studio Session

For a little over a year, I had a tiny little 11x8 foot office that I used for client meetings and ordering consultations. When we made the move to Uptown Charlotte, I knew I had to move my office out of Cornelius. I looked for months and months and finally found a place that would just be large enough for what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to have a big enough space to meet with clients, work out of, AND do studio work. My new space isn't super big or fancy - just 360-ish square feet - but it gets the job done. My husband and I have been trying to personalize the space since we moved in and we are nearly finished (pics to come soon!). Fortunately, it's far enough along that I can already set up my studio background and lights. I'm so excited to be shooting in the studio need to worry about weather, time of day, etc. Plus, I love the nice clean look it gives!

So without further ado, I'll be featuring some of my latest studio work here on the blog! Hooray!

One of the first models in the new space was Tucker. Please give a warm welcome to this multi-colored and very unique looking handsome boy!!! Charlotte NC Dog Studio PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet Studio PhotographyCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet Studio PhotographerModern Pet Studio Portraits

Exciting Personal and Business Update

It's been a little quiet over here for a couple reasons and I wanted to explain why and what's going on. Great things are in the works both personally and professionally and I figured I should share. :) I don't know if I've even ever written a personal post but here it goes! For those that don't know, we sold our house in Cornelius a little over a month ago. Not sure of our next step (and because we sold it faster than expected), we moved into an apartment close by. We had been searching for a new home in Uptown Charlotte but most places were out of our price range, in a condo or high-rise building (wouldn't work with our pups), or were not the style we desired for our new urban digs. Well, lo and behold, about four weeks after signing our year lease at our apartment, we found a cute little townhouse in the First Ward district. We jumped on it!

Although very small square footage wise, our new home will be filled with cool windows, natural light, high ceilings, modern edginess, and is in the center of it all. It even has a private, fenced-in backyard area for the dogs. We had to give up space and a garage (sorry Brian!) but I think we will love it!

That being said, the last few months have been filled with going through stuff, garage sales, piles of paperwork, moving, etc. And now we get to do it all over. Fingers crossed we get settled and get some renovating done before the huge Fall rush (we close September 27th).

So what does that mean for the future of McGraw Photography? Well, hopefully some super exciting stuff!!! Eventually, I plan on moving my office from Cornelius to probably the NoDa area. It will be a few minutes from our new place and more central to all of my clients. Also, because NoDa is the arts district, there are more opportunities to find a space that I could set up a studio. Yep, studio work!!! Not sure when it will all happen but it will be in the works over the next few months. :)

Shew! I told you I have a lot going on! So thank you for your patience if my Facebook page or blog go quiet for a while or if I'm a little slow replying to emails.

Thank you all for your support!!!

Here's the entrance to our soon-to-be home and the view from our neighborhood. :)