Eva and Sadie - Snow Day

I have the best doggies. Period. Haha! Everyone says that so it's ok, right? But seriously, they are our babies so of course we feel that way. :) We grow with them, learn from them, and share fun experiences with them. Sorry for the extra sappiness - I just got home from an Angel Session so I'm a little emotional. I'll try to stop. ;)

One experience that will rank high in my mental log was the recent and very rare snow storm that shut down our Southern city. It snowed for 3 days straight in Uptown Charlotte - the longest I've ever seen snow fall in a row. Yeah, not a big deal to people from the Mid-West or up North but, hey, let us have our fun. We got about 7 inches in our backyard when the snow and sleet finally came to an end.

Naturally, once the sun finally poked it's pretty little face out, I grabbed my camera, the dogs, and my hubby. Off to play...

Snowfall in charlotte with dogs playingEva and Sadie had a complete blast! The snow made it extra fun to play keep-away. :)Charlotte NC Modern pet portraitsAs much as I hate the cold, I could shoot with a snowy background any day! What a gorgeous natural reflector!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerThe snow was a little crunchy because about half an inch of sleet slicked everything over. It made running a little tricky for the pups but made for some goofy shots.East Coast Animal PhotographerEva and Sadie looks so ferosious in this image but I promise this is how they play. Such goofballs! Lab mixes playing in snowSee! Aren't they angels?!?! ;)Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerLike I said. Goofballs...Contemporary Dog PortraitsSadie, of course, somehow found a stick despite the entire ground being covered with the white stuff. OMG. She is so stinkin' cute! And that sunshine. Ugh!!!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyDogs Playing in SnowNorth Carolina Pet PortraitsEva is photo bombing to tell Sadie it's time to play again...Modern Images for Posh PetsAnd they are back at it...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyFun Animal photography

So what did your dogs do during the big snow storm of '14? Feel free to share pics over on Facebook!

Stay warm out there!