Windi and Crickett

Windi and Crickett

I've had a nice run of clients with pretty amazing and talented dogs. The latest pair are Windi and Crickett - two little Shelties with a gift for working with children. They are both therapy dogs that comfort children in the hospital. I like to imagine the huge smiles that come over the kids' faces when these tiny fluff balls come in the room. Nothing like doggie kisses to make you... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Maggie Mae, Tessa, Forrest & Sam

Photographing 4 dogs during one session can sometimes be a lot to handle. However, when the dogs are great models like these four, it is a breeze and oh so much fun!!! I'll start off with Tessa! This snugly three year old was a camera ham right from the get go. As long as I had my stinky treats nearby, she would do anything I asked - even a little head tilt...

She also loves the tennis ball which she was happy to retrieve for me.She is so pretty and I just want to cuddle up with her!Next up is Forrest! Named after the famous Forrest Gump, this handsome Sheltie cracked me up big-time! Just a couple minutes into our time together, something caught his attention. Birds flew overhead. Evidently, Mr. Forrest is a little obsessed with birds flying high in the sky and airplanes - yes, airplanes. He constantly keeps his watch up to the sky just in case something flies over the house. It seriously was cracking me up! He would even chase the airplanes from the back of the house to the front as they flew over - so funny!

Every once in a while, I could get his attention again with a nice treat...

So funny!!!The eldest of the pack is Maggie Mae. At 13 years old, this sweetheart kinda wanted to do her own thing which was fine with me! It was so interesting to watch her walk through the woods because she almost looked like a mysterious wolf. She is so gorgeous and so unique. I heart her...Last but not least, we have Sam. Sam was the only pup that we were a little worried about because he is a rescue and is still skittish and shy around strangers and weird noises. I really took my time letting him get to smell me, the camera, and, most importantly, the treats I had stashed in my pouch. With a little food incentive, he was all mine! He was even running toward the camera by the end and sitting on my lap as I chatted with his people. I sooooo love this handsome boy!At the time of our session, Sam was actually still a foster with my client. After I posted the below picture on Facebook, his mom decided to turn in the adoption papers for him. It could have been a coincidence but I think not! Lol! ;) Gotta love foster failures!!!At the end of our session, we took a short walk down to the cotton fields. Unfortunately, they had been harvested the week before. They still looked cool to me so we decided to give it a shot. I literally clicked two frames and the farmer pulled up to gather some equipment. He was super nice but we didn't want to be disrespectful so we said our goodbyes to the field. Fortunately, this was the second shot I walked away with.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! I can't tell you how much fun it was working with these pups and their parents. Love. Love. Love!

Dusty and Ella - Dog Portraits

Endless sunshine. That's what the weather forecasted for the day of Dusty's and Ella's photo shoot. However, come that afternoon, heavy cloud cover loomed above our heads and rain showers threatened to put a stop to our session. Luckily, the showers remained at bay and we got to squeeze in a dry afternoon with these two Shelties. Dusty was the main focus of this session because his grandfather just thinks the world of him and his beautiful handsome coloring. Dusty is a sable merle - a pretty rare combination. I must say that I agree with Dusty's grandfather. He sure is a sight for sore eyes.

We also got some images of Ella, a tri-color little lady and Dusty's cousin. She is slightly disabled as she has 4 legs but only 3 paws. They both were a pleasure to work with and we had a blast in their backyard...

Ella has the most endearing eyes :) Dusty takes his play time seriously!I love Dusty's hair blowing in the wind. He is just so gorgeous!Ella is so inquisitive and loves to keep watch over the backyard. Squirrels and ducks better beware!After hanging out in the backyard, Dusty headed off to Jetton Park - a great place for doggy pics! It actually started to rain on our way over but stopped just as we pulled into the park. Yay! Dusty started off with some posing...But quickly went into play mode. I just love the way his hair flows as he jumps around!And back to posing...Dusty's grandfather didn't want to be in any of the pics, but I just love this one. Dusty loves him so much and follows him everywhere!Lastly, we headed over to the beach area for some good stick throwing - one of Dusty's favorite things...Lovin' the sandy nose!

Thank you, Dusty and Ella, for a DRY and fun session!