Shelter Pets


I am simply blown away! As of me writing this, out of the 45 pets that I have photographed in the short time I have been volunteering at the Humane Society of Charlotte, only 5 are still available at the shelter! That means 40 of the cats and dogs have found furever homes! I hope that streak continues as I welcome a new group of adoptees to the blog. Thank you to everyone that shares these images on Facebook (this should take you to the FB album if you want to share) and via email. That's what really gets these animals in front of potential new fur-parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For more information about your favorites, please contact the Humane Society of Charlotte.For those that follow me on Facebook or Instagram know that I fell in love with little Max today. I saw him from a mile away - I just have a soft spot for black lab mix puppies. They all remind me of my Sadie. Max has the biggest legs and paws and should grow up to be a nice-sized boy. I wish I got to do a proper shoot with him as I only got this images as I was leaving. Well, maybe not. I really might have taken him home.

On a related note, yes, there are tons of puppies up at the Humane Society. However, they are so much easier to adopt out so my time is best spent on the older pups that may not get the attention they deserve. I really would like to spend a day photographing the puppies though. Hmmm...I might have to arrange that just for the sake of cuteness! :)