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If you're a frozen yogurt fan, chances are you've heard of Pinkberry. I had the opportunity to photograph this commercial space with a brand new client here in Charlotte, NC. This assignment was a little new to me because all of my architectural shoots up to this point have been residential spaces. I would love to continue shooting commercial spaces, especially if I could figure out how to work around some of the obstacles that were presented to me. Here's a little recap of my shoot along with some of the issues I had to work with...

Because of the timeframe we had for shooting and the fact that Pinkberry was open for business (believe it of not, there were quite a few customers in the store for some of these pics), most of these shots were executed with natural light with maybe one hand-held flash for some fill. Not ideal but I think we pulled it off...One of the difficulties I had on this shoot was dealing with the acrylic walls. They reflected every spec of light - especially from the two walls of windows. The only solution for this problem, I suppose, is to shoot first thing in the morning or late at night when the light isn't flooding in. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option for our interior shots. Any suggestions fellow photogs?Gotta love the colors of Pinkberry...

I'm so glad I got this opportunity to photograph such a challenging space. I learned so much and now feel I have a much better grasp on what I can expect and what I need to request when shooting for a client with commercial spaces.

Part two of my first commercial space shoot will be coming up soon...all with it's own set of challenges.

Currents - Kitchen Remodel

I love to photograph kitchens...especially when the kitchen is going to be featured in a magazine! In November's issue of Lake Norman Currents Magazine, I photographed a recent kitchen remodel for the Home Port section of the publication. This renovation was "classy and practical" not "ostentatious" which really reflected the homeowners' style. Kitchen remodels are great in that they express how a family lives, works, plays and functions. To read the whole story, check out the November issue HERE.

Living in Character

A couple months ago, I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful historic home in downtown Mooresville for Currents Magazine. This unique find was filled with unbelievable details and charm that simply can't be found in today's cookie-cutter neighborhood. The woodwork and craftsmanship tell such a story and, fortunately, the owners have had the chance to hear some of those stories from the locals in the area. To read the entire story in Lake Norman Currents Magazine, click HERE.

Living in CharacterLiving in CharacterLiving in CharacterThe dining room is finished with the original bead board, a built-in china cabinet, and a fireplace with tiger oak mantel.Living in CharacterLiving in CharacterThe home's foyer is actually a more traditional parlor with room for guests to mingle before they enter the rest of the house.Living in Character

Currents Magazine Shoot

I'm so happy to announce that the June issue of Currents magazine is available now! And...if you flip to page 52, you will see the story featuring the photos I took several weeks ago! I've had my photos in numerous magazines and newspapers but this particular shoot meant a lot to me. This is the first time that McGraw Photography was hired to shoot directly for a publication - not a photo that ended up in a publication through a realtor, a builder, an auction company, or a story featuring a photo I had in my archives. No, the publisher contacted me directly for this shoot...ME? It feels like a dream and means the world to me. I really feel blessed to be working in a field that I have loved all of my life.

I hope my photography brings a smile to peoples' faces and I look forward to doing this for years to come!