Pretty Fluffy

The 13 Project

Chances are, if you visit my blog, check out my website, or follow me on Facebook, you are an animal lover. If you are an animal lover, chances are, you also get inundated with information about dogs on death row, overcrowding in shelters, abuse cases, poor practices in factory farms, etc. Sometimes it gets to be so overwhelming. It can get to the point where you feel hopeless. It can feel like you - one little person - can't make a difference. Trust me, I know the feeling.

The 13 Project was started by the wonderful Serena at the blog Pretty Fluffy. She wants to prove that each individual CAN make a difference. And together, we can make a HUGE impact.

The 13 Project's initiative is to perform 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013 (or as many as you can). This movement is spreading like wildfire and proves that every little thing you do can help the beloved animals here in our world. To read more about this amazing cause, please check out all of the details at the Pretty Fluffy blog.

I invite you to start a list for yourself and see what you can get accomplished by the end of the year. You may surprise yourself! Perhaps you can donate goods or services to your local shelter, have your own fundraiser, start volunteering, write a politician about policies in your area...the list could go on and on!

So here is my list of 13 acts of kindness to perform before 2013:

1) Continue photographing adoptable dogs from the Humane Society of Charlotte.

2) Do a super-special photo shoot for one adoptable dog and share the story and images on my blog and Facebook until he/she gets adopted.

3) Donate a Gift Certificate to a fundraiser benefiting a local shelter.

4) Donate photography to a fundraising event benefiting a local rescue.

5) Promote the local spay/neuter clinic and low-cost vaccination clinic on Facebook.

6) Write a blog post on veganism.

7) Coach someone down the path of vegetarianism/veganism.

8) Continue clearing out my home of toxic cleaners, toiletries, and personal products and boycott items that may have been tested on animals and/or are not good for the environment.

9) Share the story of a puppy mill dog.

10) Learn about the candidates running for Commissioner of Agriculture and vote for one that supports legislation to stop the horrible puppy mill situation in North Carolina.

11) Share a local rescue's Wish List.

12) Collect my pets' old towels, toys, and beds to donate to a local rescue.

13) Spread the word about the 13 Project

So what will be on your list? Let me know in the comments below. Let's inspire one-another! <3