Pit Bull



When Sunday jumped out of the car, I immediately fell in love. Yeah...that big block head, huge smile and wiggly bum sucked me right in. Then, as if it couldn't get any better, her mom pulled out this amazing floral necklace for Sunday to wear (and it didn't even phase her one bit!). The soft greens, pinks, and corals of the collar played so well against the pastels of Historic Charleston. It was magical!!!

Sunday's story is equally inspiring. She was in a high-kill shelter... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Darla - Available For Adoption

Puppy alert!!! I've been dying to photograph a puppy for the longest time! Unfortunately, so many people skip getting professional pictures taken of their new furry family members at this stage in life. It's too bad because, as we all know, puppies are adorable and they grow up so fast! So if you are reading this and are considering adopting a puppy (or currently have one), please consider getting puppy pics done! I promise you will LOVE looking back at them!

The weather this past weekend was beyond amazing and I wanted to take advantage of it. This past weekend was also my last free weekend before the rush of Spring sessions so I wanted to do some personal shooting while I had a chance. I decided to contact a local rescue, Catering to Cats & Dogs, to see if they had an adoptable puppy that I could possibly steal for an impromptu photo shoot. Thankfully, they allowed me to photograph Darla.

Darla is a sweet 11-week-old Pit Bull that was taken in by the rescue after being found for sale in the back of a truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She is a typically girl that loves flowers (you will see that later) and anything that she can pick up in her mouth. It was hard for me not to take her home after our session. Fortunately, my husband was by my side and kept me focused. :P

Darla is ready to be taken home with you...

She kinda had a thing for this plant...And the ball...And this rock...

:) If you are interested in Darla, please contact Catering to Cats & Dogs.

Sur Nicholas McLovin and Sierra

There are so many places to start with this story that I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I'll start with Sur Nicholas McLovin, aka Sur. I actually met Sur about two-and-a-half years ago when I was volunteering with the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas. He was being fostered by fellow volunteers - now his parents - and was fighting a horrible battle with Mange. He was struggling for his life but fortunately found a great couple that provided wonderful care and love. This is what Sur looked like before...And this is Sur now. Isn't he stunning?Too often, the "ugly" dogs (especially Pits and Pit-mixes) are overlooked and left behind at shelters around the country. I love Sur's story because it shows that the ugly duckling can turn into a swan! Through Sur's recovery, a strong bond formed between he and his dad. His dad owns a dog walking and training business and Sur has been instrumental in helping him perfect his training abilities. In fact, we took some time to photograph some of his training techniques for his developing website. The exercise on the right is called Pushing and is part of Natural Dog Training. Sur's dad uses these giant boulders during his training sessions and they were just to pretty to pass by. Time for a photo opp!This session wasn't just about Sur. His sister joined in too! Her name is Sierra and she is just the sweetest ol' lady ever!Sur may be daddy's dog but Sierra is definitely momma's girl. Some of Sierra's mom's favorite traits about her are...

1 - She always raises her paw to get your attention

2 - Her teeth!!!3 - She has a great body wag and bounce4 - Her play bow. I'm so glad we captured them all!!!This whole family makes me want to squeal!!! Love them and they are the epitome of dog people!Sierra looks gorgeous in this picture but I think she was ready for a nap! :)And I'll finish off with more of Sur balancing on things...

Thank you so much for a wonderful session! I'm so thrilled to see how far Sur has come and I hope he inspires others to take a second look at the "ugly" doggy in the window.

Nala - Dog Photography

Meet Nala...the lucky dog chosen for the commercial shoot I had over the past weekend! This sweetheart is a 5-year-old Pit that is CGC-certified and is currently in dog therapy training. We meet on Saturday and had a great little session together with her mom, dad, and foster brother, Jake. I had to photograph a specific shot but I managed to grab just a couple extras for my personal use. I think it's so cute when she just puts her one ear up... I think this location is my new winter favorite! I discovered it during this session and I had to go back. I just love the low sun filtering through the trees.

Thanks to Nala and her family for helping me out! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the big project! ;)

Dog Model Call

I need a huge favor from all the American Pit Bull owners out there! I have an editorial client that is looking for some shots of Pit Bulls and the turnaround time for the photo shoot is pretty quickly. Like this weekend! I'd love to pick 1 or 2 special dogs out there that I can photograph in Cornelius, NC on Saturday afternoon. The photo shoot would just be a short little session (approximately 30 minutes) so I can get what my client is looking for. A model release will need to be signed as part of the shoot. In exchange for your time, I would give you a complimentary 11x14 mounted print from the session.

So here are the details:

I'm looking for any color American Pit Bull but he/she must meet the UKC breed standards set forth here:

http://www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/Breeds/AmericanPitBullTerrierRevisedNovember12008. The pup must be well behaved and know basic commands (sit, stay, etc). I'd really love to find a Pit Bull that has either been rescued or is currently in a foster home (however, please keep in mind it must be purebred). The photo shoot would take place in Cornelius, NC on Saturday, January 29th around 3:30.

If your dog meets the requirements, please email me at sarah@mcgrawphotography.com with a little information about your Pit Bull along with a picture and your contact information. Feel free to post on my Facebook page as well! Because of the tight turnaround time, please place all submissions by noon on Friday, January 28th. I will contact the selected owners on Friday afternoon to go over all of the details.

Thank you all so much and I look forward to seeing all the gorgeous American Pit Bulls out there!

These are the types of shots I will be trying to get on Saturday...

The Dog Days of Summer - Part 5

Fall is approaching quickly and The Dogs Days series will soon be coming to an end. However, these pups still need to find good homes in preparation for the cold, bitter winter that lies ahead. If you or someone you know is looking for a warm doggy to snuggle with, please consider one of the sweet faces below. Please contact The Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas for more information.

Bronx - Studio Session

Bronx was the first of the pups to participate in the Model Call Studio Sessions! He is a stunning boy with the most soul-piercing eyes you have ever seen. He did a great job during his shoot and really hammed it up for his bacon and sausage. Many thanks go out to Bronx and his mom for helping me and becoming a part of my portfolio. Here is a sneak peak of what's to come in your gallery. Enjoy!

The Dog Days of Summer - Part 3

Time for a couple more doggies from the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas! These two guys are Andy and Amos. They are brothers that were brought to the rescue together from a high-kill shelter. They have been at the rescue for quite some time and really need a good home. With some patience, these boys will become great companions... Next we have Sarah! I instantly felt connected to her - maybe because we share the same name, or, maybe because her birthday is the same day as mine. Well, for whatever reason, she is a doll! She was rescued from a shelter where she was going to be put down due to space limitations. Fortunately, she is now safe and is looking for her forever home. She is good with other dogs and is very well mannered. She loves to cuddle and will wait patiently for her head rubs!