Pet Gifts

What My Paws are Diggin'

Welcome to a new series that I'll be featuring on my blog! This is What My Paws are Diggin' and will showcase some of my favorite pet and animal related items along with all the good info on where you can find them! I have so much to share but to not overwhelm your senses, I'll just be featuring 5 items at a time. Feel free to leave any thoughts, comments, or ideas in the comments section below! Enjoy this very first installment!!! :) 1) DIY Paw Print Art: If you love DIY art projects that are all about your pet, this adorable project is for you! I love the simple and classic look of the finished paw print piece that can totally be customized to your taste and decor. Find all the instructions on the fabulous Chic Sprinkles blog HERE.

2) Diesel & Juice illustrations: Obsessed much? Um, yes I am! This talented artist can take simple snapshots of your furry friends and turn them into one-of-a-kind, custom, computer-generated illustrations. They are amazing! To order your own custom piece and see more amazing examples, check out the Diesel & Juice site HERE.

3) 52 Weeks of Treats: This is a brand new recipe e-book that you MUST purchase if you love to give your pups yummy (and healthy) treats. Don't worry - you don't have to be a wiz in the kitchen to mix up most of these yummy concoctions! The recipes are nicely broken down into chapters for the seasons and special events. Not to mention, the photography makes it a joy to "thumb" through and, if you're nice, your pup may let you have a taste too! Yep! The recipes are all safe for us two-leggers (and you might find yourself making some of your own). To purchase your own e-book, visit the Pretty Fluffy blog HERE.

4) Anthropologie Ring Holder: A fellow pet photographer (thanks, Barbara!) took a picture of this find and recently posted it on Facebook. I knew right away I needed this for my nightstand. I never wear my rings to photo shoots so this pretty dish is perfect for their safe-keeping. I got my hands on one a couple days ago and for only $10! Order yours while they last HERE.

5) Sharon Montrose Art: I have been in love with Sharon Montrose's Animal Prints for years and years and years. Her collection features anything from baby giraffes, to snakes, to bison, to chickens and everything in between. It's so hard to pick a favorite! Full-run and limited-edition prints are available for purchase. Go drool over her photography at her site HERE.

I hope you found some new favorites to add to your own pet-needs list! :)