Norwegian Fjord

Triple Play Farm

I recently had a photo shoot with Lake Norman Currents Magazine for a story on horse therapy. I made the short trip over to Triple Play Farm in Davidson, NC to photograph a couple sessions in action for them to use. Wow! It was so amazing watching those sessions, learning about the different exercises, and understanding how they mentally and physically can help people get over eating disorders, emotional issues, social problems, and much more. Their work is amazing and I can never get over how important the role of animals is in our lives. These horses have now been added to my mental list of selfless animals that live their lives to help people. Included in that list are seeing-eye dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and dogs that aid the disabled - all amazing animals. After the therapy sessions, I got to spend some private time with the horses as they went to pasture. I was lucky enough to grab a couple pictures for myself and I took advantage of the gorgeous light. I think it is very fitting for how special these horses are.

This is Leo, a one-year-old Ardennes horse.

undefinedundefinedAnd Clyde, a Norwegian Fjord with a killer mohawk!undefinedAnd Moose, a mini-horse.undefinedI love that Moose is a male but still rocks the braid! Plus his eyes are 2 different colors. Awesome!undefinedOf course I had to photograph the barn cat. She was just too pretty not to...undefined

Monark and Kasper (both Norwegian Fjords) aren't seen here but they will be in next month's issue of Currents Magazine. Check it out in November if you want to learn more about the world of horse therapy.