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Lady and Precious

Lady and Precious

Time for another surprise session! Christmas is way over so now I can share! Woohoo!!!

This session with Lady and Precious was a surprise gift for their 2-legged dad. Despite rain delays in November, we were able to pull it off just in time for Christmas delivery. :) Of course, it helped that these two sisters were so helpful with their modeling skills!

Lady is a cute little Cocker/Shi Tsu mix that has gotten to be a little skittish in her older age (she is 13). After some hesitation about the camera... (click on the image above to continue reading)



This post should be all about Chewie but I'm going to mostly focus on his amazing parents.

Chewie is a recently adopted hospice pup whose new parents have made it their mission to give a home to elderly dogs from the Poodle rescue they work closely with. I had the honor of photographing their first hospice case in 2014 - Chippendale. Sadly, Chippendale crossed Rainbow Bridge and, despite the heartache, his parents... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Zappa - Super Service Pup

When I have photo shoots for Lake Norman Currents Magazine, I always get to meet fabulous people and hear all about their wonderful stories. In this particular case, this one really struck a chord. As you may know, I have a sweet spot for any type of service animal. So when I met Zappa, a diabetic service dog, my heart melted. Zappa assists his mom, Alden, who has been dealing with diabetes the majority of her life. This special boy can smell when her glucose levels are off and let her know that action needs to be taken. What a special boy. I'm so glad I got to spend some time with this adorable pair.

To read their special story in its entirety, please check out the article on page 22 of Lake Norman Currents Magazine. You can view the online version here:

Lake Norman Currents did a fabulous job with the layout of the story and Alden's mom told me she cried when she saw it for the first time. Many thanks to Lake Norman Currents magazine for writing this story and raising awareness for service dogs everywhere!