Zena & Lucy

Zena & Lucy

Zena and Lucy are two little cuddlebugs that flaunted their best head tilts for the camera a couple weeks ago. 

Zena, the white Maltese, was so interested in the funny sounds coming from my mouth. She looked at the camera so inquisitively and I had a great time capturing some of those funny expressions. Lucy on the other hand, had me figured out. She knew if she... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Currents Magazine Pet Issue

Every year, Lake Norman Currents Magazine celebrates the pets of the Lake Norman area with their annual pet issue. They host a fun contest with tons of dogs - small to large, fluffy to bald. Judges from the area have the hard decision of picking just one that will land on the cover of the magazine. This year, Cuda walked away... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Edmund Fitzgerald and Hershel

When Edmund Fitzgerald's dad contacted me for his session, I'll admit that I didn't know what the Doxie's name was in reference to. It wasn't until after I talked to a friend of mine that I learned of the famed freighter and folk song. After reading up on the story, I was confident enough to go into the session knowing everything about the tragic events of the boat's wreck. Now I just needed to find out why this tiny little Dachshund was named after this freighter...Charlotte NC Animal PhotographerTurns out that Edmund Fitzgerald's parents are big Gordon Lightfoot fans (this singer of the folk song) and have been to several of his concerts. In ironic fashion, they thought it would be funny to name such a tiny, little creature after a huge 728-foot boat. How hysterical!!!Mooresville NC Pet PhotographerHe is so cute and photogenic!North Carolina Dog PortraitsMooresville NC Dog PhotographySoutheast Dog PhotographerNot to be overshadowed, Hershel is Edmund Fitzgerald's older brother. His gray face shows his age but he is wise beyond his years. :)Modern Images for Posh PetsHe still has some craziness in him too! :)Fun On-Location Dog PortraitsRunning Doxie in Charlotte NCDoxies are so cute when they run!!! I love their flying ears!Contemporary Pet Portrait PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerMooresville NC Dog PhotographerHehe! Edmund Fitzgerald almost looks like a toy here...Mooresville NC Pet PhotographyWell, if you didn't know about the Edmund Fitzgerald and/or the song, I hope you get the chance to look it up and get a little history lesson today! :) And if you don't, at least you got to look at some super-cute pups!

Rudy and Penelope

I know Angel Session blog posts can be a little sad. This one won't be too different but I promise there are plenty of smiles and laughs tucked away in these images! Rudy's mom contacted me just over a week ago and told me all about her baby boy. He's was a 13-year-old, 90% blind Maltese and had recently had 5 blood transfusions because an immune anemia disorder. Fortunately, I was at her house less than 24 hours later and got to capture some wonderful images of him with his lovely family. Sadly, today I got the word that he had crossed the bridge. :(

His mom couldn't have said it better - he is now pain-free and running with all of his friends...

Mooresville NC Dog PhotographyThis is my favorite of Rudy and his mom...North Carolina Pet PhotographerI'm so glad things remained fun and positive during the session. These smiles and kisses are etched into my memory now...Modern Dog PhotographerI told you I'd try to keep this from being too sad of a posting. With a face like Rudy's sister, Penelope, you can't help but laugh. This goofy girl has the tongue, legs, floppy ears, and dirty nose to cheer anyone up!Modern Animal PortraitsMooresville NC Pet PhotographyMore Rudy lovin'...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerContemporary Animal PortraitureDog Photographer in CharlotteMooresville NC Dog PhotographerPet PhotographyAngel SessionsMooresville NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerWe brought Rudy inside to give him a break from the stresses of the outdoors. He was just posing away once he relaxed on the bed. He even jumped in for a picture with his sis.Modern Images for Posh PetsAnd even shared the love with her...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyAnother one of my favs with mama...Maltese PortraitsAnd because we have to leave on a fun and positive note, one last image of goofy Penelope. North Carolina Dog Photographer

Run free sweet Rudy. You will be missed but your memory will live on. Hugs to your family. xx!!!!


Sometimes when you meet an animal, you feel an immediate connection. Usually that happens to me when I feel as if the pup has an old soul. Maybe that's cheesy, maybe it's all in my head? Not sure. However, I felt that when I met Ernie during the session for the vets at Brawley Animal Hospital. This sweetie pie has such an expressive face and he was a joy to photograph...

As we were taking pictures, the tractor was coming around to cut the grass (we had to dodge in and out around him). At first I was disappointed. But then, I saw the gorgeous graphic element the flattened grass left behind. Lovely!Ernie's smile is simply irresistible!There's nothing like a good roll on a warm summer evening in the freshly cut grass...

If you missed the other pups from this session, you can check them out here and here. Just one more left! Check back tomorrow for the last one...Bean!

Barkley - The Fluff Ball

Two weeks before Barkley's photo shoot, he celebrated his "13th" birthday. I put that in quotes because I think Barkley has his family fooled! Haha! This fluffy guys has bad hips and can get a little lethargic but he was totally playing it off when I came over. He was jumping after bees, wrestling, crawling, and being goofy! He told me to keep it a secret but I'm a horrible liar! Sorry Barkley...your secret is out. Barkley's parents were kind enough to build him a ramp over the steps to his front porch. He looks so appreciative!He is sooooo cute! I just want to squeeze his little doggy cheeks!!!I love Barkley's paws...they are as big as my hands!Every day, Barkley is helped into the truck and goes to work with his parents. He LOVES having the wind blow through his hair!There's nothing like a good roll in the grass...Barkley is very proud of his family!Barkley, you and your family were a pleasure to photograph and you guys had me laughing the whole time! Can't wait to see you again soon - maybe shaved this time?!

Sky - Dog Photography

When Sky's mom called me to book a session, I got super excited. I'm always happy to meet a new doggy client but this one was a little different. She had a small dog...a Wire-Haired Dachshund to be exact. I don't get the opportunity to photograph many small dogs as most of my clients have had larger pups. Plus, how often do you see a Wired-Haired Dachshund? Sky's mom warned me that she is pretty shy around new people and was worried we wouldn't get too many pictures. When I saw how nervous she really was, I had to come up with a new game plan. Fortunately, at just 1 year of age, Sky already has some show experience. We used that to our advantage and took the photo shoot to a location unfamiliar to Sky. Once she had on her show lead and was out of her home turf, she turned it on! It's like she had been modeling her whole life.

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedI had to sneak one in with her mom...undefinedThis is Sky's preferred method of travel. She is just adorable!undefinedOnce we got back home, Sky was much more relaxed and exhausted. Those eyes make me want to smother her in kisses!undefinedundefinedundefinedThank you, Sky, for turning out to be a great model. You rocked it and will do awesome in the ring!

Riley and Amadeus

It's that time of year when the temperatures begin to drop, the leaves start changing colors and the evening light takes on a gorgeous golden glow. Saturday evening was no exception and I couldn't have asked for better weather for my photo shoot at Triple Diamond Farm with Riley and Amadeus. This photo shoot was very special to me, not just because of the gorgeous day we were blessed with, but because this was my first session with a horse. Now, I love horses but simply haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with them. On top of that, this shoot was a special gift to my client's daughter whom always dreamt of having a photo shoot done with her horse, Riley. I feel very honored that they chose me for this special occasion.

To set the scene, here is an image of Triple Diamond Farm. Stretched over 200 acres of rolling hills, large grassy fields, wooded trails, and beautiful views, it is a photographer's dream...

Riley and Amadeus

Now on to Riley and the gorgeous Anneliese...

Isn't Riley just stunning?Anneliese totally rocked this photo shoot. She was just so natural the whole time! I barely had to direct her at all. You go girl!Seriously? The light was A-MAZ-ING...Riley isn't the only 4-legged member of the family. Amadeus is the family's soon-to-be 8-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog (his birthday is November 4th). This cuddle-bear was ready to ham it up for the camera...especially for some all-natural treats! Amadeus had a blast in the grass and really enjoyed hanging out with us for the evening. And that was the end to our gorgeous evening together. I hope Riley and Amadeus' family enjoy their sneak peek.