RayLen - Drinks and Dogs Event

Saturday afternoon was a gorgeous day to just lay back, enjoy the sun, listen to some music, and have some fabulous wine. Oh, and of course, hang out with your dog! That's exactly what Raylen Vineyards and Winery had in mind when they organized their first Drinks and Dogs event! In my opinion, it was a great success and I am so glad I was invited to document the day! Only a short 30-40 minute drive from the Lake Norman area, I will definitely be back...when I'm not working! ;)

The dogs were so well-behaved and were totally diggin' the relaxed atmosphere.This pretty lady is battling cancer but spent the day bright-eyed and happy to be hanging out with her family...So, uh, whatcha got up on that table?These wrinkles are just too cute! I would love to have a photo shoot with a cutie pie like this!Sunbathing...Thank you so much for inviting me out to this event. I can't wait to come back and see how gorgeous everything is when the vines have filled in! I have my fingers crossed that I can schedule a photo shoot at this location...I bet the evening light on this hilltop is stunning!For more pictures from the event, click on the gallery at this link: