Zena & Lucy

Zena & Lucy

Zena and Lucy are two little cuddlebugs that flaunted their best head tilts for the camera a couple weeks ago. 

Zena, the white Maltese, was so interested in the funny sounds coming from my mouth. She looked at the camera so inquisitively and I had a great time capturing some of those funny expressions. Lucy on the other hand, had me figured out. She knew if she... (click on the image above to continue reading)


Last year, I had the privilege of photographing an adorable pair of pups, Dave and Lucy. After I worked with their mom, she knew Dave and Lucy's 2-legged grandmother needed a session for her own pup, Bonnie. Bonnie, or Princess Pooper Pants, is BFF's with Dave and Lucy and has been instrumental in Lucy's successful new life as a "real" dog. (BTW, if you haven't read Lucy's story, go check it out. She is doing amazing!!!) Bonnie's mom ended up getting a session for Mother's Day. How thoughtful!!! After having to reschedule Bonnie's session due to rain, we finally ended up with a simply amazing evening with sparkly sunlight and gorgeous locations. Bonnie had no fear of the camera and was a good sport as long as she got her boiled chicken. :) That's not too demanding of a request for such a supermodel!

We started off in the quaint downtown area of Davidson where Bonnie quickly figured out what we were doing and immediately started showing off her good looks...

It's not too often that the term "cankles" is used as a compliment. However, when I saw just how nicely Bonnie had been groomed and how perfectly her legs fluffed into her feet, I had to say that she had the cutest cankles ever! Don't you agree?Bonnie is well known for her howl. She was shy about doing it in public but with the right amount of chicken, she caved in and let one roll...I think we had Bonnie sit on every table and chair in Davidson. If you ate in Davidson that night, I apologize for the white hairs left behind. ;)Bonnie proves that she's urban chic...And what's a McGraw Photography photo shoot without some flowers, sunlight, and pretty grasses? We quickly grabbed some images by these lilies before heading out to Fisher Farm.Bonnie was super excited to go out into the "wilderness". Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can tell by the big smile on her face. :)Bonnie's senses were on overload! So many things to smell, bugs to catch, stumps to climb on, etc! Through all that, she was an angel and she posed away for me! I hope you enjoyed Bonnie's sneak peek. May everyone's cankles be as cute as hers!