Zena & Lucy

Zena & Lucy

Zena and Lucy are two little cuddlebugs that flaunted their best head tilts for the camera a couple weeks ago. 

Zena, the white Maltese, was so interested in the funny sounds coming from my mouth. She looked at the camera so inquisitively and I had a great time capturing some of those funny expressions. Lucy on the other hand, had me figured out. She knew if she... (click on the image above to continue reading)

Rudy and Penelope

I know Angel Session blog posts can be a little sad. This one won't be too different but I promise there are plenty of smiles and laughs tucked away in these images! Rudy's mom contacted me just over a week ago and told me all about her baby boy. He's was a 13-year-old, 90% blind Maltese and had recently had 5 blood transfusions because an immune anemia disorder. Fortunately, I was at her house less than 24 hours later and got to capture some wonderful images of him with his lovely family. Sadly, today I got the word that he had crossed the bridge. :(

His mom couldn't have said it better - he is now pain-free and running with all of his friends...

Mooresville NC Dog PhotographyThis is my favorite of Rudy and his mom...North Carolina Pet PhotographerI'm so glad things remained fun and positive during the session. These smiles and kisses are etched into my memory now...Modern Dog PhotographerI told you I'd try to keep this from being too sad of a posting. With a face like Rudy's sister, Penelope, you can't help but laugh. This goofy girl has the tongue, legs, floppy ears, and dirty nose to cheer anyone up!Modern Animal PortraitsMooresville NC Pet PhotographyMore Rudy lovin'...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerContemporary Animal PortraitureDog Photographer in CharlotteMooresville NC Dog PhotographerPet PhotographyAngel SessionsMooresville NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerWe brought Rudy inside to give him a break from the stresses of the outdoors. He was just posing away once he relaxed on the bed. He even jumped in for a picture with his sis.Modern Images for Posh PetsAnd even shared the love with her...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyAnother one of my favs with mama...Maltese PortraitsAnd because we have to leave on a fun and positive note, one last image of goofy Penelope. North Carolina Dog Photographer

Run free sweet Rudy. You will be missed but your memory will live on. Hugs to your family. xx!!!!

Sophie - The Modern Maltese

What's a great and unique wedding present for the fabulous bride with killer style? Well, when she has a super-adorable Maltese named Sophie, it would have to be a doggy photo shoot! This top-secret session was arranged by the bride's good friend and business partner who wanted to give her something modern and unexpected but something that would be meaningful and memorable. We decided to photograph Sophie in the arts district of Charlotte, also known as NoDa. With funky and colorful walls and super-fun doggy graffiti, the vibe of the shoot certainly matches the trendy stylings of Sophie's parents.

Sophie was an absolute dream to work with and, even though she's mostly an indoor pup, she wasn't taken aback by all of the hustle and bustle going on around us on that gorgeous day. She seriously looks like a little stuffed animal in her images! What a cutie!

Sophie had the head tilt down pat by the middle of the session!And what Maltese is complete without some clothes? Sophie insisted on showing off her favorite dress!FIRE!!!!

I hope Sophie's parents enjoy their gift and have an absolutely wonderful marriage with Sophie by their sides!

Miss Lulu

Lulu is a 5-year-old fighter. As the sole survivor of her litter, she managed to find a loving home after being brought into this life at a horrible puppy mill. Lulu is very susceptible to sickness but, for the most part, stays healthy with her amazing determination. She still tires very easily (her shoot ended only lasting for about 40 minutes) and recently fought with a mild case of Pug Dog Encephalitis. The surgery Lulu went through can take months to recover from but she regained full use of her left side after only 24 hours. Her hair is still growing back around her neck and on her leg but I love that we captured it in her pictures. It's just a great reminder of Lulu's strong-willed character.

When my client adopted Lulu in grad school, she had no idea that her new puppy was bred in such a manner. Once she found out, she was solely responsible for shutting down both the irresponsible pet store that sold her and the puppy mill. You go girl!

Here's to many more years of enjoying Lulu's adorable face and her spunky personality. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Lulu's favorite spot in the house is her people's fluffy bed. She just looks so comfy...Lulu had just enough energy to go on a very short walk outside of her condo. She spent the time posing and workin' it for the camera! After all the excitement, Lulu was extremely tired so we had to stop and say our good byes. I can't wait to see her again and see what progress she has made in her recovery. <3

Looking For Homes

Time for some cute new faces looking for a forever home! This past Sunday, I spent some time at the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas and was able to grab a few quick shots of some of the dogs in waiting. Baccus is very new to the rescue and is a large Dane that LOVES to lean and get scratchin's. He will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. Quinn is also fairly new to the rescue and would love to find a place to run and play. She would do best in a home without small children.

Great Dane Rescue of the CarolinasLicorice is a cute, middle-sized scruffy dog that really needs a good home. She is a little shy around the camera but, if given the opportunity, would be a great companion.Great Dane Rescue of the CarolinasI love how this little guy has a built-in accessory. He can make 2 different looks just by moving his ears...This last group is a set of Poodle/Maltese? mixes that are to die for! I could give them kisses all day! These three look *identical* and I had a hard time telling which ones I already took pictures of. These little guys are super sweet and would make great lap dogs...

If you are interested in any of these pups, please contact the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas!

Hudson - Studio Session

Sweet Hudson was the very last dog to have his picture taken of the 10 dogs in the doggy model call. However, that doesn't make him least! This Morkie (a Maltese/Yorkie mix) was a little shy of the camera at first but once we offered up some treats and toys, he was ready to ham it up! I've always have a soft spot for scruffy dogs so I was totally diggin' the hair on this boy. I just wanted to scoop him up and give him hugs and kisses!

Hudson - Studio SessionHudson - Studio SessionHudson - Studio SessionHudson - Studio SessionI LOVE the hair on his paws as well as that sweet little nose...Hudson - Studio SessionHudson - Studio SessionHudson is rockin' his bad boy 'do in this pic...Hudson - Studio SessionHudson - Studio SessionI hope you enjoyed Hudson's sneak peak along with all of the other photos from the doggy model call! I'd love to hear your comments and/or suggestions about the images. Plus, I'd love to know if you think studio sessions are something I should offer my clients from now on. I love feedback so feel free to share! A huge *thanks* to everyone that participated and to everyone that has followed the journey on my blog!