Lake Ontario

Eva & Sadie - A NY State of Mind

A couple weekends ago, we made the long trek to upstate New York to spend some time with my husband's family. We decided to bring along the dogs thinking they would have a blast running around with their 4-legged cousins, checking out the horses (and hopefully not rolling in poop), and running around in the big fields. Unfortunately, the trip didn't start out so great for Eva and Sadie. About 5 minutes after arriving, poor Eva got caught in the electric fence and it scared us to death! That pretty much assured us that she wouldn't be going anywhere near the fenced-in horses (and their oh-so-attractive poop). That same day, Sadie was struck with a bout of nasty diarrhea and had several accidents in the house (including one in my husband's suitcase - gross). The following day, Sadie's diarrhea continued and Eva ran into some concrete landscape edging and scratched up her face. Ugh. The poor dogs!!!

On our last day in New York, we figured they needed to have a vacation from their vacation. We decided to scope out a park with some gorgeous shoreline along Lake Ontario and allow the pups to go swimming. Eva LOVES to swim and she would fetch sticks all day if we let her. Sadie, on the other hand, had never been swimming in a large body of water so this was going to be an experiment (and hopefully not end up like the rest of their trip so far). Well, she didn't think twice about running in! She acted like she has swam all of her life. I'm so happy they got to finally have some "vacation" time! :)

The BFF's...Sadie had so much fun in the lake. The cool water was refreshing and she wouldn't stop running!But I managed to steal a quick pic during a brief moment of rest. Lol! Back at the house, Eva and Sadie got to do more of what they love and play in the gorgeous fields in the backyard. The sun was setting and the grasses just glowed! They had so much fun running around chasing the frisbee...and each other!All this swimming and running around made them super tired for the ride home. I think they slept for 4 days afterward!The end!