Lake Norman Dog Photographer

Bristol - A Furever Puppy

Bristol may be 2.5 years old but that doesn't stop everyone from thinking that this fresh-eyed Golden is still about 8 months old. With a petite 45-pound body and vibrant personality, this sweetheart has everyone fooled. This is just one of the many aspects of Bristol that her parents adore - she is a "fur"ever puppy! Along with her small stature, Bristol is a social butterfly and doesn't know a stranger. She's about as happy as they come and she was ready to show off her different smiles for the camera...

Bristol has tons of energy so we made sure we could get some time in with a tennis ball. Maybe it would take the edge off?All the fun running made Bristol a little on the warm side. While her body may be petite, her tongue is not! ;)Bristol was ready to play in the water but there was an important picture we had to get beforehand. Yep! Her mom and dad are getting married!!!"Can we play in the water now???"Well, we didn't take the edge off earlier with chasing the ball. Nope! Bristol never runs out of energy. She was sooooo excited to go swimming!Haha! Bristol blends right into the sand!When Bristol was a puppy, she chewed up a plastic toy and some of it got stuck in her tummy. She ended up having to have surgery to have it removed. To top it off, her intestine then got a small tear in it and Bristol went septic and had to have another surgery. She spent 9 days in ICU. Now, Bristol is only around toys with supervision.And she enjoys every minute with them...She is such a beautiful girl!!!If you are on a computer, you should be able to see the slideshow of Bristol running into Lake Norman. She's like the Energizer bunny! She keeps going, and going, and going!

Congratulations to Bristol's parents on their recent engagement! I hope this little sneak peek is a nice early Mother's Day surprise! :)