Labrador Mix

Boss - The Boss Man

I'm loving all of these surprise sessions I've been having lately but it kills me not to be able to share the images with everyone right away! Fortunately, this client had a hard time keeping Boss' session a secret too. So luckily for me, I get to share these right now! Yay! Boss' session was set up as an anniversary gift for his dad. This little boss man is one of the bright spots of his dad's life and I totally understand why. Besides the fact that Boss looks identical to my pup, Sadie, Boss was so amazingly good during his session. He just followed us around and looked up as if he was just waiting for direction. He was all, "ok, where and what do you want me to do?". He rocked it!

We started off the session in NoDa, the arts district of Charlotte. Boss' mom gave me creative freedom to do some different type of shots and I was more than happy to oblige. With a model like this, we could set up almost anything!

This is probably one of my favorites from Boss' session. It probably doesn't fit most people's tastes, but I love that its so different from my normal work...Of course I didn't want Boss to pose the entire session! We found a nice patch of huge clover and let Boss explore, has a grass snack, and let some energy out...We finished off Boss' session in my new favorite location - an abandoned farm/field near my house. We made it just as the sun hit the horizon and we managed to get in a few shots with my favorite kind of lighting!More grass snacks...I hope Boss' dad enjoys his gift for many years to come! It was a pleasure to work with Boss and I can't wait to see his Coffee Table Album come together!