Jack Russell

Winston, Daisy, Birdie + Scooter - Charlotte, NC

I know a group of dogs is called a pack but I kinda want to call these pups a gaggle. Just some weird urge I have. Haha! Maybe because they make me giggle?!? I mean, if you take a look as these little ones, you will too!

These smiley-faced puppers…

Scooter, Daisy, Birdie and Lucy

Scooter, Daisy, Birdie and Lucy

When I think of some of the biggest animal advocates in the Charlotte, NC area, Dr. Rostan of Charlotte Skin and Laser is one of the first that enter my mind. She does so much for the Humane Society of Charlotte and pets throughout our area. It is an honor to know her. (She also does amazing work on people's skin!!)

Scooter and Lucy

Jack Russells and Labs are probably two of this county's favorite breeds. They are both so happy and playful and evoke such a sense of joy. I was so excited to spend an afternoon with both when I got to photograph Scooter and Lucy!Scooter is the perfect name for a Jack Russell! He definitely scooted around chasing his ball and working off his Jack Russell energy. He is such a cute munchkin!!!Gotta love his smile! :)Lucy is a black Lab mix who was adopted from the Humane Society of Charlotte. This sweetheart is unbelievably good and I just fell in love with her!Every so often she will show you her go-go-gadget ears! :)Meanwhile, Scooter was strictly business and made sure someone was throwing his ball at all times. He loved my Kong tennis ball more than any of his own so I left it with his as a parting gift.This looks like it could end badly. No fear...neither one of us got injured!He's saying, "Hey! Are you getting this?!?"Sweet babies!!!! Look at Lucy sitting pretty!Lucy will charm you in a SECOND with this precious smile... And on the other end, she is making snow angels. With no snow. And just one wing. ;)On the left, no silly noises. On the right, weird noises coming from the camera lady. I can almost hear the "Argh?" from the two of them.Thanks so much for such a wonderful afternoon! Scooter and Lucy were such a joy to be around. Their 2-legged parents are very lucky! Slobbery kisses!