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Smitty - HSC Adoptable

This post is focused on one specific dog that I meet while photographing adoptable dogs and cats over at the Humane Society of Charlotte. His name is Mr. Smith, aka, Smitty. I don't know what it was about him but he just really stole my heart! Smitty was brought to the shelter by a family. I don't know why he was turned in - all I know is that he was healthy at the time. Well, lo and behold, shortly thereafter, Smitty became very ill and had to undergo exploratory surgery. It was discovered that he had a horrible case of hookworm. During his recovery he was taken to a wonderful foster home where he learned tricks and how to potty outside. He's now back at HSC full-time but is ready to find a permanent home.

Smitty is a very handsome and unique pup with a wrinkly snout and huge ears. He was such a model for the camera and I hope I can keep him close by should I ever need a striking dog model.

He will make a wonderful pet in an active home. I just love this handsome fellow...

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HSC Adoptables

I got to spend a little time at the Humane Society of Charlotte last Friday. While I was there, I was able to grab a few shots of some of their adoptable dogs. I need to get back there and get tons more!!! This sweet angel is Feralia. Not to my surprise, she got adopted over the weekend. However, there are several more puppies available if you are interested!

Humane Society of Charlotte Adoptable PuppyBoxer Mix puppy for adoptionKalvin is a pretty active boy that will make a wonderful companion. He is very inquisitive as you can see from his head tilt. ;)Humane Society of Charlotte adoptable dogAdult Dog available for adoptionFranjelica is a super sweet lady and need I say gorgeous?!? She is wonderful at commands, is very polite and loves toys.HSC adoptable dogCharlotte NC adoptable dog

Stay tuned for more precious pups that need homes...

Darla - Available For Adoption

Puppy alert!!! I've been dying to photograph a puppy for the longest time! Unfortunately, so many people skip getting professional pictures taken of their new furry family members at this stage in life. It's too bad because, as we all know, puppies are adorable and they grow up so fast! So if you are reading this and are considering adopting a puppy (or currently have one), please consider getting puppy pics done! I promise you will LOVE looking back at them!

The weather this past weekend was beyond amazing and I wanted to take advantage of it. This past weekend was also my last free weekend before the rush of Spring sessions so I wanted to do some personal shooting while I had a chance. I decided to contact a local rescue, Catering to Cats & Dogs, to see if they had an adoptable puppy that I could possibly steal for an impromptu photo shoot. Thankfully, they allowed me to photograph Darla.

Darla is a sweet 11-week-old Pit Bull that was taken in by the rescue after being found for sale in the back of a truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She is a typically girl that loves flowers (you will see that later) and anything that she can pick up in her mouth. It was hard for me not to take her home after our session. Fortunately, my husband was by my side and kept me focused. :P

Darla is ready to be taken home with you...

She kinda had a thing for this plant...And the ball...And this rock...

:) If you are interested in Darla, please contact Catering to Cats & Dogs.


I got to meet some amazing dogs yesterday morning at the Humane Society of Charlotte. They were all so fabulous, warmed right up to me, and loved to play! Check out these cuties - you never know if one could be your soulmate! For more information about your favorites, please visit the Humane Society or check out their website here. First we have Carmella. She is a sweet older lady with a wonderful and chill personality...Ashley stole my heart! I love her scruffy hair and unbelievable eyes! She is too cute when she plays!Cream is like most pit mixes - a huge cuddle bear with a heart to match!Dollar. Wow! This cutie is SOOOOOO sweet. She should be scooped up fast with her stunning looks and friendly demeanor.Polka loves to smile and has a great, bubbly personality. I mean, look at this face...If you love the way cats play, you will love Flora. She had me laughing our whole visit together. She would pounce and play with the ball just like a kitten would! So cute!!!Kellie is another sweetie. She loved to be next to people and is definitely going to be a cuddle-bear!Last but not least, we have O'Charlie. I'm not sure what I can write that isn't told in this picture. He is so adorable and loving and would be so happy to make your house his home... I want to give a huge thanks to my friend, Casey, for getting up at 5:30 in the morning to help me. Fingers crossed she found a new member of her family yesterday!!!


Every day I volunteer at the Humane Society of Charlotte, things just get better and better. Want to know why? Because I'm introduced to more and more dogs and cats that I've never meet. Why is that a good thing? Well, because that means that these wonderful pets are being adopted, making room for other cats and dogs to be saved. Here is a new batch of sweethearts looking for their forever homes. For more information about your favorites, visit the Humane Society in Charlotte or check out their website!I love Stripe's little puppy nose!Chime is the winner of the doggy head tilt for the visit!Kanga's kangaroo outtake is on the right. Such a goofball but I love it!All of Sampson's images were outtakes! Haha! This jovial boy has the floppiest jowls and ears! :) And CATS!!! Yay!! I go to photograph all of the adult kitties. Love 'em!!!And Enchantress wins best head tilt for the kitty division...Thanks to everyone that has shared these images. It really helps them find homes faster. XX!