Golden Retriever/Boxer Mix


Massimo is the first dog ever adopted by my client. She wasn't really sure what to expect but she knew she wanted him to be well trained. Fortunately for her, Massimo caught on quick and is one of the most well-trained dogs I've worked with! Massimo is a playful and friendly pooch with an affinity for cat food and toys that make real animal noises. He's not a big fan of children but will make a day out of chasing squirrels, rabbit, and even deer. Actually, as you'll see, he must like to chase ducks too. ;)

This handsome Golden/Boxer mix started the photo shoot off in style by showing off his undeniable smile...

We had Massimo's session at a beautiful little park in Ballentyne Corporate Park. The setting was spectacular and the sunlight - oh the sunlight!!!Total adorableness!Massimo's mom loves his profile so I'm glad he showed it off a bit while overlooking the pond...Toward the end of the shoot, Massimo was allowed to get in the water. Oh yeah! That looks refreshing!Working on the retriever in him... Oh yeah...and what did I say about the chasing duck thing? ;)

And what's some swimming without a goofy shake shot?Careful!!!! Wet dog approaching quickly!!!Now that's the life...Props to Massimo's mom for the great training she provided for him. He was so easy to work with and, wow, what a sweetie! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! :)