Editorial Dog Photography

Serta Pet Beds

I couldn't be more excited to share some of the fun images we got during a commercial shoot for Serta Pet Beds! Their new and jazzy website is now live! I for one know just how great these beds look and feel. I spent hours and hours stuffing them, setting them up, photographing them, and yes, lying down in them (they are super-comfy...I'd rather sleep in them than my bed!). Without further ado, here are the stunning models showing off their favorite beds...Commercial Dog PhotographerSerta Pet Beds Photo ShootCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerI really love the True Timber line. Camo is so hot right now!Charlotte NC Commercial Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerCommercial Pet PhotographerUS Pet PhotographerUS Commercial Pet PhotographyAnd a few screen shots from the new site. Go and check it out for yourself! www.brandedpetbeds.comNorth Carolina Pet PhotographerCommercial Dog PhotographerAnd of course I had to include this last screen shot. See that little black paw down there? Yep, that's my little Sadie's paw. She was so patient while we got her leg at just the right angle. I'm so proud! :)Pet PortraitsIf your pup has what it takes for commercial work (VERY well-trained, fit, etc), stay tuned to my Facebook page because I have model calls on a regular basis. :)