Pebbles and BamBam In The City

This session couldn't come at a more appropriate time. I've been longing to move to Uptown Charlotte for years and there is a very small chance that it finally might happen. I've had my eye on a set of condos (more like townhomes) that I've loved since they were built a few years. With rates as crazy low as they are right now, it may actually be the time we could make the move happen. Of course we have several obstacles in our way. First, we have to even see if we can get financed. With me being a small business owner and my husband changing jobs last year, we might not even get past the first hurdle. Secondly, and another big one, we have to sell our current house. I love where we live (Cornelius) but a more central location would be ideal for me and my clients. We are heading to the bank tomorrow to tackle the first obstacle!!! Wish us luck! Anyway, enough about me!!! I just love Uptown and I think Charlotte is a really beautiful city. I would be so proud to live there!

Obviously I was very excited when repeat clients, Pebbles and BamBam, wanted to have another session with a totally different vibe than their super-adorbs Fall shoot. This time they wanted a more urban feel with cool buildings, backdrops, and skylines. This was going to amazing! I already knew they were well-behaved and would be great for a more stimulating city shoot.


They're just two little dogs in a big world.There are so many cute little vignettes throughout Uptown. Pebbles and BamBam looked unbelievably adorable everywhere we put them! Oh, and they got plenty of attention too!As long as we kept the hotdogs coming, the pups were happy to cooperate. Here, Pebbles was tired of waiting and just went for the treat...This session was a surprise for Pebbles and BamBam's grandmother. She though she was going to dinner but instead she ended up in the middle of a photo shoot. She was starving but she worked it for us!We enjoyed a beautiful sunset overlooking the growing Charlotte skyline. I HAVE to take my dogs to this location and get some photos. It would be perfect in my *possible* new Uptown condo. ;)It was a pleasure working with this family again. I hope they enjoy the totally different vibe with this awesome urban setting!