Dog Fancy Magazine

Dog Fancy!

When I first started my photography business, one of my goals was to have an image published in a national magazine. At the time, my focus was architectural photography so my dreams revolved around being published in magazines such as Metropolitan Home, Dwell and Architectural Digest. As times have changed and my focus has solely become pet photography, my dream publications have also changed. Now I dream of being published in Dog Fancy, Bark Magazine, Modern Dog and others. A couple months ago, one of my dreams became a reality. I got an email informing me that one of my submissions to Dog Fancy was accepted into the magazine and that it would be featured in the September issue. I was so excited when I received my copies in the mail! One of Boss's pictures (see his blog post here) was the image they chose and I'm sure he is so proud to be featured on two pages in this national publication!

Boss' mom even sent over a couple pictures of what the new-found fame has done to his self-image. I sure hope he can bounce back from this... BOL!