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I am beyond excited to finally share this post with you! For months and months and months, I was tossing around the idea of renting a space so I could meet with clients, show them samples, go over their images, etc. You see, for the past few years, I've been taking my tiny laptop and lugging my huge samples to my clients' houses and the whole process had been awkward and not-so-special for them. I've been displaying Canvases on kitchen floors and Coffee Table Albums on the breakfast bar between kids' dinner plates - not the most ideal conditions. I really wanted a space where my client's could see artwork on the walls and where I could offer them something to drink. So the search began.

I looked for several months before I found a place that would work for me. I finally settled on a Key-man office space on Catawba Ave. in Cornelius - basically an office suite that is divided into several smaller offices. My office shares a common entrance, restroom, and kitchen area with 5 other offices. The office itself is pretty small - just 10'x13' - but it has everything I need. I have 24/7 access, plenty of natural light, and, most importantly, the ability to decorate the way I want!

When I moved into the space, it was a blank slate. It had hideous pale green walls that made me sick when mixed with the harsh overhead fluorescent lighting. Painting came first! I wanted the office to echo the colors found on my website so I went with a very pale grey color. It is almost white so it doesn't take away from the artwork in the room.

The only decor I had for the space were my samples, a wood console/desk, and an acrylic chair. Everything else had to be purchased or made. Again, I wanted to echo my branding so I brought in a lot of warm, rustic texture with wood, linen, jute, and wicker. I contrasted this with cleaner mid-century modern lines found in the couch, coffee table, and TV storage. I am certainly not a designer and it's not 100% complete, but I'm beyond happy with it so far!!! :)

This is basically the view as you walk in...

This is the view from the couch. When the curtains are drawn, my clients can view their slideshow and images on the TV. This is great for visualizing how their images will look as large artwork. It has helped them tremendously so far and is SO much better than the 13" laptop I was using in the past.Some of the things I love most about the space are the personal, little details. Because I started from scratch, many of the pieces of decor were either handmade or chosen just for this office.For example, this shelf was handmade. My handy husband and I cut the wood to size, stained it, finished it and added the hardware. It holds the framed covers of the past two Lake Norman Currents Magazine pet issues as well as adorable cardboard animal cutouts I purchased from Macy's in NYC while I was there for the Westminster Dog Show.The coat hanger was also handmade and finished in the same manner as the shelving. I even busted out the drill and added the hooks myself!My favorite handmade item is by far the coffee table. I saw this idea on Pinterest (my best friend as I was getting inspiration) and knew I had to make it. I purchased the mid-century modern legs from The top was purchased from Lowes, cut to my specs, and finished with the same stain as the shelves. I LOVE how it turned out and it adds a modern but warm twist to the room. I'm definitely going to make one for my home next!Isn't the wood/stain combo gorgeous?!It's so nice to be able to spread out the Coffee Table Albums on a table made just for them...I found this little camera at HomeGoods and knew I had to have it right away. I mean, it's a camera and it has a gorgeous wood base. Who could say no?Another one of my favorite items is the "coconut tree" I found at Ikea. It's actually growing out of the coconut and I just think that's the coolest thing. I hope I don't kill it.More handmade shelves fill in the back corner of the room. These are great because I can easily display different types of artwork, switch them out on a regular basis, and not have to re-hang them if I pull them down to show clients. When I envisioned my office space, I KNEW I wanted a chalkboard wall. I KNEW I wanted my clients to be able to leave notes as they stopped by. This added way more work to the painting process but I absolutely love it! I can't wait for it to get filled up! (One of my messages had to be blurred because the session is a surprise and the secret isn't out yet!)I had these bowls in storage and I happily came across them when I was looking for a container to hold the chalk. They fit the theme of the room perfectly and get the job done!I love that I'll always look at that wall and remember my wonderful 2- and 4-legged clients...Another thing that I knew I wanted were some floating, shiny, white cabinets. Ikea saved the day and had EXACTLY what I was looking for. These fit perfectly in the room and offer wonderful, chic storage with plenty of room for the TV and samples. I can't emphasize how happy I am with my new office! I have a few more handmade details that I want to add - maybe a few more samples too - but overall, it has all come together perfectly. If you are ever up in the Cornelius or Lake Norman area and want to stop by, just give me a ring! I'd love to have you over! :)If you have questions about my office, leave me a comment below! I'll be happy to let you know where I got anything you see here!