Cocker Spaniel



I met Rocco years and years ago at an American Cancer Society event, Bark For Life. Since then, I’ve been following his mom on Instagram and have been keeping tabs on this handsome black Cocker Spaniel. I was tickled pink when his mom decided to move forward and book a session for him!

Ginger, Buster and Dudley

Eek! Eek! Eek! I'm so in love with each of these dogs! Ginger, Buster, and Dudley's session took place on a warm Fall afternoon. The sun was shining and the leaves were golden - absolutely perfect for our Autumn-themed photo shoot. We had a blast shooting in such a gorgeous location and the pups even made some friends - a young boy that was playing in the park, as well as another Standard Poodle. All in all, it was a perfect day!

You know the stars align and the dogs are good when you can get a shot of all three without having to do head swaps in Photoshop! I introduce (from left to right) Buster, Ginger, and Dudley...

Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerGinger is an absolute stunner but she's not just a pretty face! She's a trained hunting dog and has passed both AKC & UKC hunting trials. She's one smart cookie!Standard Poodle PortraitCharlotte area Poodle PhotographerShe also loves her tennis ball. Doesn't she looks so graceful?!?Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyDudley is the youngest of the crew and is more of the son's dog. The son did all the research when deciding on a pet and finally got his heart set on a Miniature Dachshund. Yeah, I'd have my heart set on this adorable face too!Mini Doxie PortraitCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyDudley steals my heart in the golden Fall colors...Animal Photographer in Charlotte NCLast but not least, we have Buster! This merle Cocker Spaniel will make you look twice. He's just that handsome! Cocker Spaniel PortraitThis image of Buster makes me giggle because I can't tell where one leg ends and the other begins!

Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerBuster is the "most beautiful" of the furry family according to his mom. He has the most fabulous bicolored eyes - they suck you right it!Charlotte NC Dog PortraitsI have to finish off this post with some images of Ginger. I can't get over how graceful she is! I see a poodle in my house in the future?Modern Images for Posh PetsNorth Carolina Pet Photographer

I want to thank this trio's family for a wonderful session. They are so friendly and I really enjoyed talking with them and learning about each of their pups. I can't wait to see what they decide to do with their images!

Scooter and Maverick

Scooter and Maverick are a magical pair. They give so much to each other without even trying. Scooter, an 11-year-young Cocker Spaniel, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, has heart issues, and is living with arthritis and some lumps and bumps. He's always been a happy pup but his life got much brighter when his new little brother entered the picture. Maverick, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel still under a year old, was brought home and instantly became Scooter's buddy. They cuddle, play together, and bring so much joy to their parents. Scooter instantly cheered up and even had some of the puppyhood rub off on his aging body.

I introduce Maverick, seen here with his favorite toy antler...

And here is the precious boy, Scooter. His favorite toy is his big ball. :)Maverick loves balls too and is never short of energy to play a game of fetch.I think his big smile is what cheered Scooter up right away!Another one of Scooter's favorite toys...Scooter loves his t-shirt. And, yes, what it says is true! :) These two are so happy in the arms of their parents.Sweet Scooter is certainly the love of their lives. And the best buds...

Maverick is ALWAYS ready to play!Frog legs!!!Scooter looking his most masculine...

I'm so honored to have spent this evening with these two. They are so loved and it was felt throughout the session! <3

Disney - Angel Session

I am so in LOVE with this session. Disney's mom contacted me because this sweet little Cocker Spaniel is dealing with an unfortunate case of renal failure. Diagnosed back in January, she has been taking fluids almost daily to keep her energy up and keep her cravings going strong for her special boiled chicken meals. Disney had been having her good and bad days so we scheduled a session as quickly as possible in hopes of catching her feeling a little perky. Not only did we get a "good day", we got a great one!

We got to meet on a gorgeous Saturday morning - a morning that Disney felt especially well. She was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (well, Cockers only have a stub, but you know what I mean) and she totally rocked it for the camera. Our morning was full of laughing, singing ("Little Disney woo wee, special little woo wee, Disney Little woo wee..."), and just enjoying Disney's company. Even with failing health, Disney is surrounded by happiness, positivity, and endless love.

Isn't she a beautiful and happy little pup?!?

Disney had so much energy during her session! I think she saved it up just so her mom could get some great images of her happy baby.The gorgeous girls together...

Again, more energy! Disney was more than willing to chase her beloved ball for some yummy chicken snacks! We even got to fit in a car ride! I actually love that you can see her shaved leg. Despite the IVs and medications, she still has a smile on her face.Other than great parents, Disney also has a wonderful feline companion named Tiger. They are best buds... Tiger has quite the personality. He, too, has a special song and sound effects - Lil' tig tige...Lil tig tige...Happy cat...And I'll finish off the blog post with a couple more images of Disney, the star. I love these images of her cozying up to her parents. :)

This session is a testament to the power of positive energy and the effect laughter and smiles can have. Please send Disney and her family all of the positive thoughts and prayers you can as they continue to comfort Disney in her battle. I am so glad we got to spend this wonderful morning together and I hope Disney's family treasures her images for a lifetime.

Louie - Mr. Lambchop

Meet Louie - a.k.a. Lambchop, Little Man, Bear Cub, and Wiggle Butt! Louie is the most perfect and sweetest cuddle monster! He is such a lover and he never fails to give out kisses with his amazingly long tongue! In fact, his tongue is so big that sometimes it just can't fit in his mouth and it has to hang out. Love him! We spent an overcast evening hanging around Louie's gorgeous turf. His mom lives on Lake Norman so Louie enjoys daily walks on the surrounding pathways and docks as he scopes out the water for ducks and fish. It was a pleasure to tag along with this handsome Cocker Spaniel! Enjoy his sneak peek - I'm hoping his sweetness is contagious!

Louie has hip and knee problems so we made sure to give him several breaks during the session. He still wanted to work it for the camera though!Hey stud muffin!!!Isn't he so handsome?!? I love that his tongue is barely poking through in this one...Thanks, Louie, for being such a wonderful model! I can't wait to visit you again soon! :)