Some days are just made for the perfect photo shoot. The day I met Fergie, the sun was out, there was a slightly cool breeze, and the colors of fall were starting to appear. We met in an abandoned field that was filled with gorgeous yellow flowers which complimented Fergie's wavy fur. Her spunky personality was on full display as she bounced around, explored, and chewed on sticks.

Even though Fergie had a busy day of traveling (she'd been visiting rescues looking for a fur-buddy), she could keep going and going. Every once in a while her eyes would get a little heavy, but then the breeze would bring in a new smell and her face would perk right up again.

Man, I just love this happy little girl! Meet Fergie, the 10-month-old Cockapoo...

Playful and fun dog photographyCharlotte, NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte, NC Dog PhotographyCharlotte, NC Pet PhotographyPet Portrait PhotographerFergie's beautiful parents even joined in for some pics. Isn't that a lovely family?!?Carolinas Dog Portrait PhotographyCharlotte, NC Dog PhotographerRunning Cockapoo in GrassNorth Carolina Animal PicturesModern Animal PortraitsThis session had definitely made me ready for the fall season! The colors throughout this shoot are going to be phenomenal in Fergie's Coffee Table Album! Can't wait!!!

Jake - The Cockapoo

A little obsessed with his ball. That's what's I knew about Jake before I got to meet him in person. I'd say that was an accurate description. :)

This happy and handsome 2-year-old Cockapoo was more than thrilled to show off his skills with his beloved toy (not so keen on giving it back to us though). His floppy ears and fluffy body were too cute to photograph! You just have to see what I mean...

Jake's flying ears!!!Jake makes me laugh! He loves his ball more than life itself!If it's not in his mouth, you better believe he's got it in his possession. :)When we were able to pry his tennis ball away, he was happy to do some posing for us.Jake's mom had always wanted a dog but her husband was more of a cat person. However, once Jake entered their lives, he totally won over his dad's heart. Now Jake is his little buddy!Don't let go, Jake!!!!At the end of our session, Jake's friend Ruby go to come over to play. They are two of a kind!