Catering to Cats & Dogs

Darla - Available For Adoption

Puppy alert!!! I've been dying to photograph a puppy for the longest time! Unfortunately, so many people skip getting professional pictures taken of their new furry family members at this stage in life. It's too bad because, as we all know, puppies are adorable and they grow up so fast! So if you are reading this and are considering adopting a puppy (or currently have one), please consider getting puppy pics done! I promise you will LOVE looking back at them!

The weather this past weekend was beyond amazing and I wanted to take advantage of it. This past weekend was also my last free weekend before the rush of Spring sessions so I wanted to do some personal shooting while I had a chance. I decided to contact a local rescue, Catering to Cats & Dogs, to see if they had an adoptable puppy that I could possibly steal for an impromptu photo shoot. Thankfully, they allowed me to photograph Darla.

Darla is a sweet 11-week-old Pit Bull that was taken in by the rescue after being found for sale in the back of a truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She is a typically girl that loves flowers (you will see that later) and anything that she can pick up in her mouth. It was hard for me not to take her home after our session. Fortunately, my husband was by my side and kept me focused. :P

Darla is ready to be taken home with you...

She kinda had a thing for this plant...And the ball...And this rock...

:) If you are interested in Darla, please contact Catering to Cats & Dogs.