Black Labrador

Maverick - Ball of Energy

Maverick's family booked their session back in June too make sure they got a prime session date for featuring the Fall leaves. I didn't want to disappoint! The day of our session, Hurricane Sandy was moving in and the clouds kept coming and going. We decided to go ahead with the session and it started out with sunny skies and very little cloud cover. Unfortunately, the clouds slowly moved in and the grayish light did little to make the golden hues of the trees sparkle. We ended up stopping the session early and reshooting a second day. I'm SO glad we did because the sun was out, the leaves were gorgeous, and Maverick looked stunning!This handsome boy just turned 5 years old but still has the energy of a puppy! He had a good ol' time exploring the park and smelling everything he could. Don't you just love that adorable face?!?One of the main objectives of the shoot was to get a picture of Maverick with his younger 2-legged brother. Before we could even think about Maverick being ready for that, we had to get some of his energy out...And we got one!!! You never know what to expect when working with a dog and a very young child. They each are on their own schedule and want to do what they want to do. :)Thanks Maverick and your family for being flexible and patient! I hope you love the results so far!