Ellie, Mattie, and Lowrider

When you photograph smaller dogs, you sometimes don't know what you're gonna get. They can often be a little timid at first because they think the camera is a big black eye checking them out. Then, the click of the shutter can really spook them. Usually extra care and time must be used to condition them to think the camera is only a treat dispenser - not a nasty monster coming to destroy them. When it came time to photograph this trio of ladies, Ellie, Mattie, and Lowrider, I figured I'd spend quite a bit of time letting them warm up to me. I was warned that Lowrider could be a little shy around strangers and that Ellie was timid. Hahaha! When we finally met in person, there wasn't a lick of shyness between the three of them! They were super excited to explore and turn it on for the camera!

I introduce, from left to right, Ellie, Lowrider, and Mattie...

We started by photographing Mattie. This pretty Beagle/Italian Greyhound mix sure put her Beagle instincts to work out at Fisher Farm. Her nose was on full alert as she checked out all the stinky goodness around us!I don't think her smile gets much better than this!Oh and she's a runner (actually they all are as you'll soon see). Shake a bag of treats and she's go, go, go!Next we got to hang with the awesomely named, Lowrider. She was as poised and graceful as she could be. She happily showed her stuff for her time in front of the camera!She's another treat hound! Again, shake the treat bag and she's all yours! She's pretty low to ground to start with but she's got some air in this shot...And she loves to be held like a baby! Eeeek! :)Lastly, we photographed Ellie. She was a recent foster failure who has certainly come into her own in her new home. Gone are the days of being timid! Nope! She is 100% in your face with love!More air time!!!Like I said, there's nothing timid about this! ;)I know this shot is out of focus but it's soooo Ellie!!!This is our attempt at getting all three to run together. With air like Mattie has, there's no wonder why she's in the lead!And our attempt at a silhouette. Just missing a head but I think it works. :) Plus mom and dad worked very hard in the horrible humidity and they deserve a shot together! Love!

Sam and Sheba

A few months ago, I participated in the American Cancer Society's "An Evening of Hope" - a night to honor human and canine cancer victims and survivors. I was blessed to meet some wonderful people as well as donate a gift certificate for the fundraising silent auction. The winner of the gift certificate recently contacted me and we set up a wonderful session at Star Dog in uptown Charlotte. I was thrilled to find out that my client's dog was a Beagle that does agility training. I was even more excited when I showed up and learned that she was a Miniature Beagle that does agility training! This little girl, Sam, is so adorable and full of personality - I could have photographed her all day. She is only 14 months old but is trained like a pro. She is very lucky to have found a great place like Star Dog where they teach dogs how to weave through obstacles...

fly like Superwoman... run through patient...and just be plain ol' cute!After we left Star Dog, we made our way back to Sam's house where we were given a warm welcome.Sam introduced me to her sister Sheba. Sheba is a Chow/Border Collie mix who was luckily rescued by her mom 8 years ago. Sadly, she was found in a ditch full of water along the side of the road. Obviously hit by a car, she tried to walk but her back leg was badly injured. Her mom called Animal Control but they never came. Not sure what to do next, her mom frantically called the Fire Department. Luckily, they showed up and brought Sheba back to her rescuer's home. She received the best vet care possible and also adopted a new home in the process. Sheba is still a little shy but is thankful to have such a loving family.Both pups greeted us with funny faces...Thanks so much for spending time with me, Sam and Sheba. I hope you didn't get a tummy ache from all the treats! ;)Lastly, I wanted to include the third dog in the pack. Even though he wasn't physically there with us, I'm sure he was looking across Rainbow Bridge and laughing at us. You are missed Boo Boo.

Your New Best Friend?

I swear that the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas has the sweetest and most loving dogs EVER! I know I say it all the time, but I have yet to find one dog there that isn't overflowing with love and ready to share it with the lucky members of its forever home. Please contact the Rescue if any of these pups look like your new best friend. Before I begin with the photos, I want to give a shout out to a few people. First, Amanda, for helping me out with the photo shoot. Second and third, to Janeen and Allison Mayfield. Janeen's family adopted Buddy (Gilbert) from the GDR in June 2008 and are completely in love with him. To show their appreciation, Janeen's daughter, Allison, collected donations for the Rescue in lieu of presents for her birthday. Many thanks go out to the Mayfield family! The world is lucky to have such a warm-hearted and thoughtful child and kudos to Janeen for raising such a beautiful daughter!

Picture Time!

First on the roster today is Elvis. Cute brown puppy? Check. Sweet as can be? Check. Loves the head tilt? Check. Do I want to take him home? Check.

Next we have Sadie, a pretty Beagle mix. She was found hidden underneath a trailer and now wants to spend the rest of her life with a loving home...

I have had my eye on Priscilla for a few weeks now and I finally had the opportunity to photograph her. She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! She is still young, ready to play, and is a genuinely happy girl!

I don't know the names of the next two dogs but they will probably get adopted fast. The puppy on the left almost went home with my helper for the day!

The next few pics are of a pair of Schnauzers that (I believe) were rescued from a puppy mill. The first guy is Mugsley and is just as friendly as can be and walks around without a care in the world! His girl friend, Poopsy, seemed to be a little more shy and would love to go home with her BFF.

Lastly, we have Bo. Bo was such a ham for the camera. His expressions were priceless! This dog will definitely provide endless entertainment for you and your family...