Beach session

Sadie - Beach Vaca

There's something about Emerald Isle that I just can't put my finger on. Maybe it's the peacefulness. Maybe its the sound of the waves crashing. Maybe it's the salty air. Maybe it's the feeling of relaxation that takes over your body. I really don't know. What I do know is that, from a photographer's standpoint, the light there is just amazing. The beach runs east to west instead of the normal north/south orientation found throughout most of the States. I think this allows the light to travel across the beach in a magical way - creating a glowing, soft, diffuse light that allows for the most magical images. Even when I'm on vacation, I can't help but pull the camera out to take advantage of this. I didn't have any session booked this trip so I took advantage of my oh-so-reluctant model, Sadie. She usually HATES when I pull out my camera...she knows what's coming. However, when she's been playing on the beach for 3 days straight, she has little care left and tends to be a little exhausted and distracted.

She had the most glorious time diving into the waves, chasing her dad in the water, and simply being free...

I'm kinda obsessed with this image. I immediately downloaded it to my phone and set it as my wallpaper. It looks amazing at a large size and I've really been digging the long, horizontal panoramic crops lately. This will be enlarged big somewhere soon!Sadie found her second calling on the sandy shores. She dug to her hearts delight pushing every grain of sand she could between her big webbed toes. She even used her snout when she became frustrated with the sand that kept falling back in her ever-so-important tunnel. This is her victory roll for a successful dig. Because she wasn't dirty enough. ;)Nothing that a good rinse off couldn't take care of.

I know the water was probably getting in Sadie's eyes which forced her to squint, but I can't help but love the images with her eyes closed. She looks like she's smiling and there's nothing in the world that make me happier...This is the second image that I'm obsessing over right now. Again, the panoramic steals my heart. Sadie looks like a creature emerging from the depths of the deep, dark ocean floor. And the light. I wish I could bottle it up and bring it to every session.Of course I had to include some shots (just a couple) of this lovely island.

At the far west end, there is a beach that seems to go on forever. It has to be the largest beach I've ever seen. I guess it has formed as the powerful waters displace the land at the easternmost tip of the island. It's pretty amazing and it takes your breath away when you first lay eyes on it.Gorgeous skies looking back at Emerald Isle from the fishing pier. There aren't any huge hotels or tourist traps. It's so chill and easygoing.This is the fishing pier...And more amazing clouds on the beach that goes on forever.

If you are interested in a session with your pup at Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach or anywhere along the Crystal Coast, stay tuned to my Facebook page. I'll let you know next time I head back out there!