Anderson Mill

Rocky the Rockstar

Rocky the Rockstar. That's not really his nickname but he has always a big hit on this blog and Facebook. Last June, Rocky had his first photo shoot at the beach and was now looking for a location a little more "manly". Our impromptu shoot took place in Spartanburg, SC at the old Anderson Mill and I think it suited his needs perfectly! Rocky, you look so handsome and masculine and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! Rocky is a moo cow!!!

This shot might not be super "manly" but you know I had to get one with some gorgeous sunlight!

And last but not least, Rocky being his silly self (must have flash to see the animation)...

Photog note: Because of the unplanned nature of this shoot, I only had one lens with me - the 85mm f/1.8. Not a lens I use a lot but I love the quality it produced! I'll have to pull it out of my bag more often!