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Oh Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey! Now that I have that stuck in your head, you won't ever forget this adorable honey named Mickey. As with most older Goldens, Mickey dons the oh-so-precious white heart on his face. It's a pure heart-melter!

At 7 1/2 years old, Mickey is the center of his parent's universe. He is the only pup they have had together. When they saw Mickey's 4-legged father at the breeder, they instantly fell in love and knew they had to have one of his pups. It's been heavenly ever since!

Mickey gets to enjoy the lake view from the deck and dock in his back yard. He prefers not to go all the way in the water so we knew his handsome hair wouldn't get ruined during the session!The one place that Mickey won't dare go is the ramp that goes down to the floating dock. It's super-scary for him as his poor little paws tend to slip and he looses grip. However...during our session...he actually went down the ramp to be near me!!!! He even went back up it all on his own! His parents were amazed! You can see the beginning of the ramp in this image...He makes sure all is well on the water...Mickey's favorite toy in the world is his Bunsie. It has had some surgery to correct a amputated ear but it's still hanging in there! His mom even has a backup Bunsie should anything happen to it.We took off to a local field so Mickey could have some fun one-on-one time with his beloved stuffed friend......and to run... ...and to go for a good roll! :)We finished the evening back on the dock looking over the calm water of Lake Wylie. Mickey wasn't quite done being goofy! Lol!This time, Mickey wasn't so excited about going up and down the ramp. I just HAD to take this picture. Poor Mickey. The scariest thing in the world...

2013 Bark For Life - Lake Norman

Saturday started out as a typical Spring morning - crisp and cool. Fortunately, this chilly temperatures didn't scare away the many people and dogs that were slated to walk in this year's Bark For Life Lake Norman event. As the sun rose and temperatures climbed, participants began to sign in, get their goody bags, and place the American Cancer Society's signature purple bandanas around their pups' necks. It was only a matter of moments before this year's walk through Birkdale Village was to begin! Hooray! As people started filtering in, I happily captured some of the excited doggy faces that were ready to get their exercise in for the day...

Here are some of the fabulous people that were part of my team! They rock! We have raised $725 for the American Cancer Society and there will be even more money added after my donation from print sales! Not too bad for a first year team! :)This year, the walk's ambassador was a Westie named Luka. I had the honor of photographing him in the past and I was so excited when the Bark For Life organizers wanted to have him lead the walk. Despite his condition, Luka took his job very seriously and proudly walked before the crowd. What an angel! There was a great turnout of people and dogs that walked through the streets of Birkdale Village.About 3/4 into the walk, Luka was still in the lead. What a trooper!!!After the walk, the crowd enjoyed some fun contests and giveaways. The participants had a good laugh during the doggy fashion show...

With the help of 25 teams and 185 participants, $21,345.00 was raised for the American Cancer Society's fight against canine and human cancers. A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved, including the dogs, walkers, staff and volunteers. You guys rule!

To see more pictures from the event, check out this site: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of any prints will go directly to the fundraising efforts of the Bark For Life –  Lake Norman event. Thank YOU!!!

Bark For Life Charlotte Caught on Video

While taking pictures of the 2013 Bark For Life Charlotte event, I decided to turn my camera over to video and try my hand at a little event videography. Well, props to those people because that isn't easy! I had a shoot list all written out ahead of time and I pretty much had to abandon that right away. Despite the video not coming together as I imagined, I'm still really happy with it and I got to capture some of the cuteness that went on that day. I hope you enjoy!

If you want to see pictures from the event, don't miss the post about the event HERE.

All the technical goodness: Shot with a Canon 5D Mark 3 and 35mm f/1.4 lens (maybe a couple shots with the 50mm f/1.4). Edited with iMovie. Music rights purchased from Triple Scoop Music.

2013 Bark For Life - Charlotte

One of the best things about Springtime is the fact that the warmer weather marks the beginning of all the fun dog-oriented fundraising events. As I always say, the American Cancer Society's Bark For Life events are some of my favorites. I love that the pups all get to come out and walk to raise money for the fight against canine and human cancers. This year, the Charlotte event was held at Morrison, where the pups and their people got to browse vendor booths, play corn hole, participate in a kissing booth, and win great prizes in a raffle.

The dogs came super-prepared with costumes and HUGE smiles...

My favorite part of the event is always the actual walk. The dogs (and people) never know what to think when they see me laying on the ground snapping pictures...For those of you that follow me on Facebook or my blog know that I'm a huge Little Dog Linus fan. While he did make an appearance at the walk, this little guy was his body double...While I love this Doggles on this pretty girl, my favorite part of the picture is her friend in the background. I had said the word, "treat", and it sparked some interest... :)More of the awesome pups that came out to help aid in the fight against cancer...The rescued Boxer on the right was the Canine Ambassador for the event. At only 5 years old, he is battling the fight of his life. With a happy face and huge smile, he did a wonderful job representing the dogs fighting for the cause.

For more pictures of the event, check out this site: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of any prints will go directly to the fundraising efforts of the Bark For Life - Charlotte event. Thank you to everyone that made it out to this year's walk. I hope to see you again at the Bark For Life  - Lake Norman walk on April 20th or at next year's event. xx!

Bark For Life - Charlotte

Wow! Sunday's crowd was HUGE for the first Bark For Life walk held in NoDa! The Dog Bar was kind enough to host the event and even fenced in their parking lot so the dogs could roam off-leash. The crowds literally lined the street to get in to this doggy hotspot and to do what they could to aid in the fight against cancer. Despite the midday sun and the steamy temperatures, the participants rallied and raised almost $22,000! Woohoo! Before the walk, the pups got to hang out, go swimming, visit vendor booths and meet other 4-legged walkers. And, of course, pose for the camera!Any public place is cool in my book if a dog can be found in Superman pose on the floor!The walkers rest-up right before the 1-mile stroll...This year's Bark For Life walk was lead by Natalie, a 5-year-old Great Dane available for adoption from the Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love.And tons of cute pooches followed!Doggy contests followed the walk including the newest addition to the lineup...a pie licking contest!Whose face was licked cleanest?!?After a wonderful day in the sun, there's nothing like soaking your feet in the pool!If your pup isn’t featured here, it’s not because he isn’t photogenic! Find more adorable 4-leggers here: A portion of the proceeds from sales of prints will go to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the fight against cancer! I can't wait to see you again next year!

Bark For Life - Lake Norman

I'm not going to lie. When I got home Saturday after Bark For Life, I cried. I cried for the dogs, I cried for their parents, I cried for the survivors, I cried for the unlucky ones, I cried for anyone having to deal with Cancer. Hearing the stories of loss, struggle, and survival really hit me hard when I walked in my door and was welcomed home by my two dogs, Eva and Sadie. I couldn't help but look at them and think to myself, "What if those stories were my story? What if one of my dogs got Cancer?" I was scared, sad, frustrated, and heartbroken. After about a minute, those feelings turned around. I thought about what each Bark For Life event accomplishes and what each event stands for. A wonderful team of volunteers, survivors, and good samaritans organize and attend these events around the country to raise money to fight the "C" word we have all grown to hate. Maybe we can all take hold of the Hope that's in Pandora's Box? Hope that very soon there will be better medicines. Hope that there will be a cure. Hope that Cancer will no longer exist. Hope that no one - 4-legged or human - has to deal with the effects of Cancer.

This year, the Bark For Life event in Lake Norman/Birkdale raised nearly $25,000! The large crowd enjoyed beautiful weather, a relaxing walk, great vendors, and fun raffles and contests. I got to meet some incredible dogs and dedicated parents who are all ready to keep Hope alive! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all that attended, volunteered, and supported this event. Thanks to you, hopefully I will never have to look at Eva and Sadie again and wonder, "What if?"

Mrs. Lake Norman and the *awesome* Chair of the event get things started!The large crowd gets ready for the walk and they are lead by Jax, the event's Canine Ambassador. This sweet man is available for adoption through Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love...And the walk begins!!!Some pups need a helping hand or a quick break in the cool grass.Sometimes, they just can't do it all on their own. Isn't that what this event is really about?After the walk, everyone gathered around to select Best Trick (being frisked by a real cop!) and Best Kiss...slurp!Many thanks to all of the lovable dogs (and people) that came out for such a great cause. You are all rock stars and heroes!

If your pup isn't featured here, it's not because he isn't photogenic! Find more adorable 4-leggers here: A portion of the proceeds from sales of prints will go to the American Cancer Society.

Did you miss Lake Norman's Bark For Life event or would you like to participate in another walk? The American Cancer Society is holding a Charlotte Bark For Life event this Sunday April 28th at the Dog Bar in NoDa. For more information, visit the website: Thank you again to everyone associated with these wonderful events!

Bark for Life - Charlotte

Saturday marked a beautiful day for Bark for Life - Charlotte! The sun was shining and it beckoned hundreds of dogs and their people to come out and walk to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer. 39 teams and over 300 participants joined together to raise over $43,300! Congratulations to everyone involved! Check out the huge crowd that gathered at the WFNZ Dog House...

undefinedThe Carolina Panthers stadium went to the dogs as walkers enjoyed a 1.5-mile loop around the landmark.undefinedundefinedundefinedAnd what is a doggy event without pictures of dogs?undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedI've said this before and I will say it again...I absolutely love participating in any American Cancer Society event. Not only is the organization wonderful to work with, everyone that participates is equally warm, loving, and open-hearted. Many, many thanks go out to all of the people and their canine companions that came out to this wonderful event.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

If you would like more information about the event or would like to make a donation, please check out the event website HERE.

For more photos from the event, click HERE. Enjoy! All of the images will be up by Tuesday, April 12th at 8pm.

Barktoberfest 2010

The third annual Barktoberfest was held yesterday at the WFNZ Dog House - a great little venue right by Bank of America Stadium. This appropriately named location hosted hundreds of dogs donning their snazzy Halloween costumes all in the name of charity. Each year, the American Cancer Society organizes Barktoberfest to raise money to aid in the fight against human and animal cancers. With the gorgeous weather and large number of attendants, I really hope they met their goal. I had so much fun at the event and enjoyed meeting all of the sweet dogs and people. I must say, this was one of my favorite events of the year.There were plenty of refreshments for the dressed-up dogs including Bowser Beer, water, and treats from Canine Cafe.Barktoberfest 2010And of course there were refreshments for us humans! Proceeds from the sale of these awesome pint glasses went to Murray's Fund - a fund which provides financial assistance to people caring for a pet with cancer.There were so many dogs at Barktoberfest! They were all so adorable, yet probably not too happy they were dressed up! :) Here are just a few of the pups that came out to support a good cause...Puppies? Yes, please.The day was filled with contests including Best Kisser, Best Trick, Biggest Dog, Smallest Dog, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, Best Doggy/Owner Costume Duo, and Best in Show.And the winner of Best in Show! Doesn't he really look like a lion?!? His mom hand-made this...without a pattern...over a period of a couple days...and has won two years in a row! Dedication!And some more doggies with their people... Thank you to everyone that came out to Barktoberfest. If you are looking for more pictures, you can find them here: Click on the Client Area tab and enter the password "events". Then, select Barktoberfest 2010 from the category list. I will be adding more over the next few days! :)