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Wee World Adoptables

Wee World Adoptables

Man, it has been WAY too long since I've been out to the Humane Society of Charlotte to photograph some adoptables. I really wanted to make it up to them and give them a new fun thing to share that - fingers crossed - would really get these pups' pictures out there. I decided to try to make some Wee Worlds with these seriously awesome models!!!

I know some shelter animals can have a bad reputation. But honestly, I don't know why. For example, these guys have never met me, been in front of a big camera, or made to do any serious tricks. Yet, as you'll see, they are modeling... (click the image above to keep reading)

Humane Society Adoptables

Today I got to spend some time with a few of the pups from the Humane Society of Charlotte. This grouping of dogs have been at HSC for the longest and are really ready to find their fur-ever homes. Each of these pups were sooooo good and I haven't a clue as to why they are still at the shelter. Are one of these your new BFF? I personally have a thing for Peso and his uniquely lopsided head. :)North Carolina Dog PhotographyCharlotte NC Shelter Dog PortraitsHumane Society of Charlotte dogsAdoptable Dog PhotographerHSC Dog Portrait Photographer

HSC Adoptables

I got to spend a little time at the Humane Society of Charlotte last Friday. While I was there, I was able to grab a few shots of some of their adoptable dogs. I need to get back there and get tons more!!! This sweet angel is Feralia. Not to my surprise, she got adopted over the weekend. However, there are several more puppies available if you are interested!

Humane Society of Charlotte Adoptable PuppyBoxer Mix puppy for adoptionKalvin is a pretty active boy that will make a wonderful companion. He is very inquisitive as you can see from his head tilt. ;)Humane Society of Charlotte adoptable dogAdult Dog available for adoptionFranjelica is a super sweet lady and need I say gorgeous?!? She is wonderful at commands, is very polite and loves toys.HSC adoptable dogCharlotte NC adoptable dog

Stay tuned for more precious pups that need homes...


I got to meet some amazing dogs yesterday morning at the Humane Society of Charlotte. They were all so fabulous, warmed right up to me, and loved to play! Check out these cuties - you never know if one could be your soulmate! For more information about your favorites, please visit the Humane Society or check out their website here. First we have Carmella. She is a sweet older lady with a wonderful and chill personality...Ashley stole my heart! I love her scruffy hair and unbelievable eyes! She is too cute when she plays!Cream is like most pit mixes - a huge cuddle bear with a heart to match!Dollar. Wow! This cutie is SOOOOOO sweet. She should be scooped up fast with her stunning looks and friendly demeanor.Polka loves to smile and has a great, bubbly personality. I mean, look at this face...If you love the way cats play, you will love Flora. She had me laughing our whole visit together. She would pounce and play with the ball just like a kitten would! So cute!!!Kellie is another sweetie. She loved to be next to people and is definitely going to be a cuddle-bear!Last but not least, we have O'Charlie. I'm not sure what I can write that isn't told in this picture. He is so adorable and loving and would be so happy to make your house his home... I want to give a huge thanks to my friend, Casey, for getting up at 5:30 in the morning to help me. Fingers crossed she found a new member of her family yesterday!!!


I am simply blown away! As of me writing this, out of the 45 pets that I have photographed in the short time I have been volunteering at the Humane Society of Charlotte, only 5 are still available at the shelter! That means 40 of the cats and dogs have found furever homes! I hope that streak continues as I welcome a new group of adoptees to the blog. Thank you to everyone that shares these images on Facebook (this should take you to the FB album if you want to share) and via email. That's what really gets these animals in front of potential new fur-parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For more information about your favorites, please contact the Humane Society of Charlotte.For those that follow me on Facebook or Instagram know that I fell in love with little Max today. I saw him from a mile away - I just have a soft spot for black lab mix puppies. They all remind me of my Sadie. Max has the biggest legs and paws and should grow up to be a nice-sized boy. I wish I got to do a proper shoot with him as I only got this images as I was leaving. Well, maybe not. I really might have taken him home.

On a related note, yes, there are tons of puppies up at the Humane Society. However, they are so much easier to adopt out so my time is best spent on the older pups that may not get the attention they deserve. I really would like to spend a day photographing the puppies though. Hmmm...I might have to arrange that just for the sake of cuteness! :)


I have to admit that it has been WAY too long since I volunteered last - like around 2 years. At the time, I was just starting out my pet photography business and I had plenty of extra time on my hands. Well, as things grew, that spare time became smaller and smaller and, as my schedule tightened, I had to unfortunately let the volunteering go. Fast forward to now, I'm busier than ever but I knew I needed to get some of my priorities in line. Photographing adoptable dogs has always been something extremely important to me. A good picture goes such a long way in the chances that these pups will get adopted. Hopefully a nice image will catch someone's eye while browsing Facebook or the internet. For example, take a look at the picture from my Sadie's Petfinder listing HERE. If I didn't see her at an adoption event first, I could have easily overlooked her dark and scary picture and I wouldn't have my heart dog.

Anyway, I am so glad to now be volunteering with the Humane Society of Charlotte. They are an awesome group of individuals and I can't wait to help more and more of their dogs get adopted. I hope to make it over there 3 or 4 times a month. Until then, here are some of their wonderful pups that have been there the longest...

Shakira had such an adorable head tilt that I had to include 2 pics...

If any of these pups catch your eye, please contact the Humane Society of Charlotte for more information!