Jake and Odin

Get ready for some serious #puglife cuteness overload!!!

Jake and Odin mean business when it comes to rockin’ it out for a shoot. They both immediately went into superstar mode and did their thing for the camera. It was pretty comical to watch. They even did amazing for their group shots - always hard images to capture!

Because of their fabulous talents, we were able to quickly explore all different parts of Jetton Park in Cornelius, including the golden pathways and the rocky shoreline. Jake and Odin walk here almost daily with their grandparents so they were happy to pull us along to show us around . ;)

We were lucky enough to have some wonderful sparkling sunshine at the beginning of our session. Despite clear forecasts, heavy clouds moved as sunset approached. No worries though! I pulled out my off-camera flash and was able to get some super cool shots of the boys with some pretty dramatic skies. I love how it just makes them look larger than life and oh-so-badass!