Lady and Precious

Time for another surprise session! Christmas is way over so now I can share! Woohoo!!!

This session with Lady and Precious was a surprise gift for their 2-legged dad. Despite rain delays in November, we were able to pull it off just in time for Christmas delivery. :) Of course, it helped that these two sisters were so helpful with their modeling skills!

Lady is a cute little Cocker/Shi Tsu mix that has gotten to be a little skittish in her older age (she is 13). After some hesitation about the camera, she figured out that it was a treat dispensing machine and gave me nothing but smiles from that point on. How cute it it that she was named after Lady and the Tramp?!?

On the other hand, Precious is a happy, go lucky interesting looking mix that loves EVERYBODY and usually rolls over on her back for non-stop belly rubs. She is one of the most unique looking dogs I've ever seen with her long Collie-like hair but short, stubby body. I'm guessing she is a Basset Hound mixed with Collie? Either way, she was a joy to work with. :)

So without further ado, I introduce Lady and Precious...