Photographing seven dogs is quite the undertaking. However, I knew that this shoot would be an exception because these guys are UberDogs. Literally!

These pups are the special furkids of the amazing trainers at UberDog Training, one of the premier training companies in the Charlotte area. It’s jaw-dropping what these pups can do - fly through the sky, jump through hoops, bounce off of trees, weave through legs, do handstands (er, pawstands?) - the list goes on and on.

Yeah. My dogs can sit.

Because these guys and gals are the “spokesdogs” for their Charlotte training company, we decided to go with a skyline view so they could represent, yo! It was a cold, cold morning but everyone was a trooper. Armed with coffee (for the humans) and toys (for the dogs), we had a successful sunrise capturing some artwork shots and some more “actiony” stuff for their site and blog. I’ve included some of my favorite model shots from the morning. :) I introduce (from left to right in the group shot), Alces, Charlotte, Carmella, Bullet, Zoey, Mac, and Takota.

To see more and to learn more about UberDog, visit their website and blog!