Windi and Crickett

I've had a nice run of clients with pretty amazing and talented dogs.

The latest pair are Windi and Crickett - two little Shelties with a gift for working with children. They are both therapy dogs that comfort children in the hospital. I like to imagine the huge smiles that come over the kids' faces when these tiny fluff balls come in the room. Nothing like doggie kisses to make you smile. :)

Crickett, the larger of the two, is a little more reserved but has such a deep soul you can see in her eyes. Windi is little itty-bitty and, as a puppy, had a "failure to thrive". She's totally fine now but she never outgrew the's what makes her super popular with the children.

Surprisingly, despite the crazy high temperatures we've had in the Charlotte area, we ended up with a really beautiful evening for our shoot. And, with the drought conditions, we even found a little patch of wildflowers to frolic in.

I'm just in love with this shoot and I can't wait to get all of the artwork prepped and over to Windi and Crickett's mom. And...drum roll...there will be more to come from this pair in a couple more days. ;)

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