Lacy's photo shoot was the best kind of Angel Session. She wasn't leaving this Earth. In fact, she was about to go off to her forever home as a service and protection dog. Her mom and trainer of four years wanted to document the love she has for this amazing dog before her very hard goodbye just days after our shoot. 

That was four years of teaching, practicing, perfecting skills. Oh, and that came with a huge side of compassion and love.

And I could see why right away.

Lacy was smart, sweet, and obviously a dedicated companion. I've said this before and I'll say it a million more times...service dogs are incredible beings. They devote their entire lives to serve others. So. Freakin. Cool.

Lacy's mom made the drive to Charlotte from outside of Winston-Salem and we spent a super-fun evening exploring Uptown. Not only did we get some wonderful images for artwork, we also got some shots showing off Lacy's service skills. We hung out well past dusk and I got to see some cell pictures of Lacy working her protection skills. Based on hanging out with her for a few hours, I would have never guessed she'd do some of that stuff! Pretty awesome! Her new family is  going to be in good hands. :)

Lacy may not be with her mom anymore but she is happily fulfilling her duties as a service and protection dog. She's worked her whole life to do that. Rock on, Lacy. Hugs to you!

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