Scooter, Daisy, Birdie and Lucy

When I think of some of the biggest animal advocates in the Charlotte, NC area, Dr. Rostan of Charlotte Skin and Laser is one of the first that enter my mind. She does so much for the Humane Society of Charlotte and pets throughout our area. It is an honor to know her. (She also does amazing work on people's skin!!)

I've had the privilege of photographing Dr. Rostan's pack before, but it has since grown larger! Yay! It now includes a new little puppy, Daisy. This little floppy-eared girl had me squealing!!!! She could simply be the cutest thing on Earth. I think she is a Jack Russell/Bassett Hound mix because she is short but long. And those ears. Don't even get me started!!!

Lucy, the large, black sweetie, was part of the original crew I photographed. She also has amazing ears and they would perk up for *just* a half-second or so. I had to be quick to capture those things! She was really over the heat (btw, what is UP with this crazy Charlotte heat wave?) and was ready to cool off in the A/C.

Birdie is the next Jack Russell in the pack. Her signature look is the one-ear-up-one-ear-down thing. I personally go ga-ga over it! She's most happy chasing squirrels, tennis balls, or anything else you throw.

Last but certainly not least, we have Scooter. Scooter is probably mom's favorite (just don't tell the others). He is another Jack Russell and has all the energy to prove it! Just like Birdie, he LOVES the tennis ball and can get quite a bit of air when he leaps! Look for his artwork if you go visit his mom's work!

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