So my dream when I die would be to come back as this pup right here. Graeme was adopted from the Humane Society of Charlotte by a seriously sweet couple from England. I imagined him (over the years) picking up on their English accent and using that voice as he ushered me in his house, showed me around his lovely pool, and spoke to me in that way that dogs do. To me, he's so prime and proper but, in reality, he likes to sniff around the yard, eat Charlie Bear treats, and hunt tree frogs. Oh well...still sounds exciting to me!

Graeme is a Border Terrier mix with some extra adorable traits. He's a master head-tilter, a superior shaker, and has a beard many human men would be jealous of. Yeah, I'd say he knocked my socks off. Now I know why this little bundle of cuddles in one of the "popular" boys in his 'hood. ;)

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