What is the first word that enters your mind when you hear, "1-year-old Chocolate Lab puppy"?

Well, if you're me, it's FUN!!!!!

Then what do you do when you find out her name is Spaghetti?!?

Ummmm...head explosion!

That's about what happened to me when Spaghetti's session was officially booked! It was really happening! That day seriously couldn't come fast enough.

Despite our plans for a Spring session, Mother Nature turn the A/C down too low and Spaghetti's poor parents were freezing and had to bundle up like they were in a Fall shoot. However, temps aside, the light, trees, and gorgeousness all around us was UH-mazing. Throw in the adorable Spaghetti and you have a winning shoot!

Spaghetti had been sent away for training but, like I tell a lot of my clients, I'll give them bad habits all over again. I don't mind if they don't sit and stay. I let them jump and chew and all that other bad stuff that is fun for pictures. Haha! Spaghetti was pretty thrilled about that!

This session took place just shy of Spaghetti's first birthday and she went crazy for sticks, balls, toys, and funny noises coming from the direction of my camera. I love all of her images and I think her parents got the biggest gallery EVER...I just couldn't narrow them down! She's going to have a stellar Coffee Table Album!

This session was a complete blast and I'm hoping there'll soon be a Meatball to go along with all that goofy Spaghetti! :)

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