Before I even started Mac's session, I knew there was a special story behind this dog. As I questioned his parents, this amazing tale of a bond between dad and dog came to life in front of me. I think I was staring with my jaw hanging low in awe of the relationship. I am certainly not a writer but it would be a shame not to try to share this story.

It all started 9 years ago when this family was looking for a canine companion. They were trying to go with a local Poodle rescue but, sadly, things just weren't panning out. After spending some time on the internet, Mac's picture was staring back at them from the computer screen. He was three-and-a-half hours away in Tennessee but his eyes screamed, "Come get me!" Those eyes.

So in the car they went.

Upon arriving at the Humane Society, they instantly fell in love with Mac. Already knowing the answer, they asked him if he'd like to go home with them. Of course his eyes said, "yes."

On the 3.5-hour drive back, Mac's dad sat in the back seat and began the bonding process that would last a lifetime. Yep, they were hooked on each other.

Now fast forward several years. Mac's dad started having horrible migraines and decided to go to the doctor about them. The doctor immediately recognized the symptoms and realized he was suffering from a leaking aneurysm. Mac's dad underwent brain surgery (and had a subsequent stroke) and spent around 6 weeks in the hospital. During that time, Mac was patiently waiting at home wondering where his beloved dad was.

When Mac's dad was well enough to come home, Mac became even more attached than before. He was always watching, waiting, looking. When his dad had to leave for follow-up doctor's appointments, he would jump in the car and NOT get out. He would literally fight to stay in the car. He wasn't going to leave his side.

Mac even took on the role of an unofficial therapy dog. His dad had to go through tons of rehab and Mac was always sure he was taking care of himself - not overdoing it or overworking his body. In his way, in their language, Mac would let his dad know.

Isn't the bond between canine and human incredible? It blows me away everyday and is the reason I do what I do. I'm so honored to have photographed this family and to have the opportunity to share their story. May these images live forever - just like this bond...

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