Jimmy's story is one of survival, love, heartbreak, and triumph.

Just before Labor Day 2014, Jimmy started having trouble with his leg. Having thought it might be a sprain, his parents took him over to their vet. They were quickly sent off to a specialist for x-rays. Doubts and questions started to form because why would they be sent to a specialist for a little sprain?

Well it turns out the vet made the right call. The specialist found that bone cancer had formed in Jimmy's leg and it was literally ripping the muscle away from the bone. He was in an incredible amount of pain and his parents had to make a very quick decision on what course of action to take. Within days, Jimmy's leg was amputated and chemo began.

At first, Jimmy's parents struggled with their decision. Was it the right thing to do? Jimmy fell into a bit of a depression and it made his parents feel so guilty. 

To help with his recovery, Jimmy began water therapy. That's when things started looking up! Jimmy had always been a water dog and he thrived in his therapy sessions. His depression lifted and he got back to his old self. He still enjoys boat rides, frisbees, and hanging out at his newly-renovated house. He was so happy to show me his favorite things during our session together...

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