Jager, Kona and Bubbles

Fall is my hands down busiest time of year. But, when I get a call for an Angel Session, I will do everything in my power to squeeze a session in. That's exactly what happened with Jager, Kona, and Bubbles.

Jäger, a very handsome Doberman, was the main focus of our shoot as he was battling the dreaded "C" word...cancer. The cancer had already resulted in the removal of one of his back legs but, as of our session, it had spread causing a variety of other health issues. Sadly, Jäger crossed the bridge a few months after our session.

Despite the sad news, we were able to capture Jäger in all of his happy and smily glory! He had a grand ol' time running, wrestling, and exploring with his Rottie sister, Kona, and Bulldog sister, Bubbles.

Even though the situation was sad, this trio had us laughing and cracking up the whole shoot. I'll never forget the fun we had and the memories we made here. Rest in peace, sweet Jäger...

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