Colby's pet photography session came about in a unique and heart-touching way. It is a story of true love, friendship and support from those around you - people that truly understand that a pet is a member of your family.

Colby was diagnosed with cancer late last year. Of course the news was a blow to his family and they were beside themselves. His parents are recently married and just bought the house of their dreams...the perfect place for their little fur-family. They never imagined news like this would strike so soon.

Amazingly, a friend of Colby's mom took it upon herself to honor her dear friend's only furbaby. She started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a photoshoot with me. So many people pitched in..friends, family, coworkers, even a past teacher of Colby's mom. It was pretty amazing and a true testament to the love we all share for our pets.

The day of Colby's session, we met at his house and started off shooting around some of his favorite spots. Judging from the smile on his face, I'd say he was pretty excited about the extra attention...

Charlotte NC Pet Photographer
Charlotte NC Pet Photography

For a 10 year old, I think Colby still has those puppy-dog eyes. Melts my heart.

Charlotte NC Dog Photographer

Oh yeah.....belly rubs....

Charlotte NC Dog Photography

Later in the shoot, we ventured outside and took advantage of the gorgeous sunlight. Colby showed me the way...

Golden Retriever Photographer
Charlotte Dog Portraits

Yep! Still pretty excited about this whole thing...

North Carolina Dog Portraits
Charlotte Dog Portrait Photographer

These family shots just pull at my heart. Colby is so loved and it shows in so many ways. I hope this gift from their friends and family give them memories to last for years and years.

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Heartfelt Pet Images

Feel free to share your well wishes with Colby's family in the comments below. We all love you, sweet Colbs! xx!