Brrr! Brrrr! Brrrrrr!!!

Gosh...this ice and below-freezing temperature crap has seriously GOT to go. 

Wilbur's session took place a couple weeks ago and, while there was no ice, there was a ton of frigid wind swirling around us. That didn't stop Wilbur from having a grand ol' time! He was smiling and literally bouncing around. At about 16 years old, that's pretty darn impressive...and pretty darn heart-tugging. I immediately fell in love with him.


Wilbur rocked his photoshoot with his fluffy fur and three legs. :)


Even though winter is my least popular season for shooting, the colors can still be amazing with the right lighting (sunshine!!!). And Wilbur's Aussie coloring was the cherry on top of a lovely color palette. 


And we had to get some in with mom and dad. This cool old truck was too hard to resist...


And I leave you with smily kisses. Are there any other kind?


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