Oliver and Chicklet

Oliver and Chicklet are an amazing little pair of Papillons. Although they greeted me with a bark-fest, they actually calmed down enough to show off their cute faces for the camera. Not fans of the grass and yard, Oliver and Chicklet decided to hang out with their people on the back deck. It was perfect! We hung out in the breeze of the fan which, not only kept the mosquitos at bay, but it made the pups' flowing hair that much more gorgeous! I introduce Chicklet (on the left) and Oliver (on the right)... Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerChicklet shows off those lovely ears!North Carolina Pet PhotographerMeanwhile, Oliver gets some lovin' from mom. Doesn't he look like a little Panda bear?!? Carolina's Dog Portrait PhotographerPet Portrait PhotographyChicklet is 11 years young but doesn't look a day older than 2!Modern Images For Posh PetsThis is what Chicklet does all the time...chew on her chip...Contemporary Pet PortraitsOliver chooses to pass the time with his tongue out to the side looking as Ewok as can be! :)Charlotte NC Dog Photography