Abby, Ralph and Zoe

How many people out there can say that they've seen a Chinese Crested, much less, photograph one? I've never done either until I got to meet and photograph Abby! I was beyond excited to get this opportunity! Abby is 11 years old with a little puffball face and tail. She is such a delicate little girl that prefers to stay off the grass and would rather be in someone's lap. I love this shot of her whole furless tiny body. :)North Carolina Pet PhotographyShe even has a gorgeous smile! :)Chinese Crested PortraitNorth Carolina Pet PhotographerPet Portrait PhotographerAlthough Abby's usually pretty mellow and chill, she gets a wild hair when her mom starts to weed the flower garden. I don't know what it is, but she LOOOOOOves to chase the weeds when they are thrown into the woods. That whole delicate-dog-thing goes out the window at that point.Fun Dog PhotographyAbby isn't an only child! She has a brother, Ralph, and sister Zoe. Ralph was one of the pups we were most worried about capturing on camera. He doesn't warm up to strangers but as long as he has his tennis ball, he's a pretty happy camper. He actually knocked it out of the park. We got some great shots of him!Contemporary Dog ImagesPlayful Pet PortraitsThis is one of my favs. I love the flowers surrounding his happy face. :)Charlotte NC Dog Photography"Play with me!!!!!"Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerSoutheastern Dog PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyLast but not least, we photographed Zoe. She's also a little shy around strangers but she will eventually warm up. Like her brother, she's a little obsessed with some tennis ball too!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerModern Animal PhotographyModern Images for Posh PetsThose flowers again!!! She's fixated on her tennis ball!Monroe NC Pet PhotographyMonroe NC Dog PhotographerThese pups made me work my tail off but we captured some wonderful moments that truly show off their fun personalities! :) Thanks for such a great shoot!